While in the hospital recently ....
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    Feb 2007
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    While in the hospital recently ....

    While in the hospital recently,one of my nurses regailed me with stories of her time in service to our country in Iraq. One story in particular almost gave me another heart attack. Seems that they have a hospital there for the less serious types of injuries and in this hospital a fairly new second lieutenant was incarcerated. Apparently this young fellow thought way too much of himself and was constantly berating the lower ranking service members for every little thing and was also just making himself out to be a real ass. So late one night he was awoken to a demand that he roll over so his temperature could be taken. Seeing how the military is always concerned with accuracy only rectal temps are ever taken in the hospital setting. it was some time later approximately 1/2 hour or more as was groggily recalled by the sob's roomates report. That the whole hospital floor was awakened by his screaming demand that some one come remove the thermometer from his neather parts. This is the part where my nurse comes in, she, thinking some emergency was afoot, ran headlong into the room throwing the curtain surrounding our hapless buffoon as well as turning on the light. only to find the lieutenant in his fully exposed regal position squirming under the constant onslaught of a newly plucked tulip from his neighbors flower arrangement.

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    Re: While in the hospital recently ....

    LMAO, are you serious??

    That's funny!

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    Re: While in the hospital recently ....

    I know a MD that tried to write a prescription and found that what he thought was a pen was actually a thermometer...he laughted and said 'I suppose some a$$hole has my pen'



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