Memorial Day Weekend
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    Dec 2007

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Heading to Bethany there any beach left? I heard that most is gone. What about IR inlet?

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    Aug 2007
    Lancaster, Pa and Ocean View, De
    Minelab Elite, Minelab GT, Teknetics T2, Fisher CZ 3D and Fisher 1236 X2

    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    Hope you do well, starting the first week of June the Army Corp Engineers will be pumping another 200,000 cubic yards of sand and another 2,000,000 pieces of shrapnell back onto Bethany Beach. The last replenishment had pumped shrapnell onto the beach and now they are replacing what we had detected and threw away. It is very difficult to locate any good finds among all the shrapnell, seems about 50 pieces junk to 1 good item.

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    May 2008
    Newark, DE
    Vision/V3, 1400DD, Super 12, D2, 5.3 Eclipse

    Re: Memorial Day Weekend

    3 hours at low tide on CHSP swimming beach yielded 26 cents .... wooo hooooo! NOT!

    I am going back to the dirt for awhile till the economy improves and people start wearing and loosing bling again.



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