Action Notice, copy, paste, Fax cant get any easier
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    Action Notice, copy, paste, Fax can't get any easier

    Press Releases


    The "Gold Pan California...." article that just came out May 31st has gone nationwide and world wide.

    If you own a fax machine, be part of our Fax Team and send 1,2 or 3 of these Nationwide Press Releases to Governor Brown - today and tomorrow!

    Your goal is to make sure Governor Brown knows this Trailer Bill Language is a BIG PR NEGATIVE for CA. So, he needs to get it removed from the Budget Trailer Bill before it's voted on.

    To help with this FAX Project simply click on the different media sources carrying the story below. Print out the article (2 pages). Circle, underline, or otherwise accentuate the name of the media source. Then FAX those 2 pages (no cover sheet etc) to Governor Brown at 916-558-3160. Send 1, 2 or 3 articles, but space them out. One now, one in 6 hours, one tomorrow.

    BLOOMBERG Article
    REUTERS Article
    PRNEWSWIRE Article
    SUNHERALD Article
    EUROPEAN Article


    After you have sent your faxes, send WMA a note via our 'Contact WMA' link. Tells us which articles you fax'd and when. In this way you can help us plan our next efforts.

    No Fax Machine? Send Governor Brown your own personal Wake Up Call by sending him a note with nothing but the below text copied and pasted into the Comments box. (Use 'Contact Governor Brown' menu item. Choose "Budget" issue. )

    FAXING this letter is an option too.

    ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

    Dear Governor Brown,

    The pending Budget Trailer Bill Language to 'Stop Suction Dredging and defund DFG' needs to be “removed”. It will prevent CA's Economy from growing $100M and eliminate $10M in new tax revenue, 'without raising taxes!' This is no longer just a California issue.

    BLOOMBERG||05/31/2011%201:37%20PM%20ET||headline||Gold%20Pan%20Cali fornia%20Says%20Golden%20State%20Legislature%20Poi sed%20to%20Kill%20Gold%20Mining%20Industry%20on%20 Eve%20of%20New%20Regulations||docSource||PR%20News wire||provider||ACQUIREMEDIA

    Thank You for considering the large potential economic impacts of these 2 paragraphs going into the Budget Trailer Bill, today.


    The enemies of liberty will not rest, and neither can we.

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    My Hearts Desire

    Nov 2010
    Camptonville, CA
    GMT&GM3 Whites MXT Pro, Shadow X5, Fisher 1280, OMG and the TDI
    1294 times

    Re: Action Notice, copy, paste, Fax can't get any easier

    hey guys and gals
    lets keep the pressure up for the next couple of days. overwhelm them

    Hello Goldhounds,

    Like me, I suspect you all are tired of hearing these issues and various statements, positions, editorials, junk and you name it about dredging. It's wearing thin and that's just what the opponents of dredging want. They want us to quit and give up, and then later give up some more rights, like sluicing, and after that hands and pans will be the only way to look for gold, detectors will be banned, sniping will be outlawed because of sedimentation disturbances, and the search for gold in California will be basically over. The professionals will be out of business, the recreationalists will have to find another way to spend their time and to find another income source, small towns that rely on the mining business will be boarding up windows, and those who are left looking for gold will be considered 'outlaws'.
    So should we give in? We've been outflanked badly by those who are pulling the strings. The State budget rider to eliminate funding is the prime example. While we were dealing with the Fish and Game evaluations on an honest front, we left the back door unlocked and the crooks slipped right on in and worked the State Budget. Now that we're on that issue what windows are they going to come into next? Plan on it being after you've turned in for the night.
    This reminds me of Paul Jones, our great sea Captain during the year of 1779. The American Revolution was under way and his ship the Bonhomme Richard was being pounded by a large British Convoy. He was sinking and the British called out for his surrender. History says his response was "Surrender? Surrender hell, I have just begun to fight." With that he rammed the British ship, took it over in a fierce hand to hand battle, and then used the British Frigate to route the rest of the British convoy. A great sea victory for our country because a patriot refused to surrender.
    Yes, we are being called to surrender as well.
    Should we?
    We have got to be smarter, that's for sure.
    We have some things going and I'll try to keep this short. We continue to support PLP and their efforts, and the ICMJ has also been stepping up to the plate. There is a new mining organization called Western Mining Alliance. I see some very good things coming from them. Now we are seeing some national newspapers carrying the plight of the miner and the activities going on with the State. We're beginning to make some inroads on this but the thieves of the night are still stalking out there. They too are using the newspapers to sway opinions and we are definitely out-funded on the dollar side.
    Here's something you can do. Check out this article:

    This was in the Sacramento Bee:

    Another release in Concord:

    Also, here's a press release from State Senator Gaines:

    June 2, 2011 (916) 651-4001


    SACRAMENTO – Senator Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) today issued a statement on the legislature’s attempt to effectively kill the suction dredging industry in California.
    “Legislative tricks are putting an entire industry at risk,” said Gaines. “This is unfair to the thousands of miners, their families and the businesses that depend on suction dredge mining for their livelihoods.”

    A moratorium on suction dredge mining has been in place since 2009. The ban was to be lifted at the end of this year when the Department of Fish and Game released new regulations governing suction dredging. Current budget language, however, would forbid the Department from spending money to develop those regulations.

    “This is maddening.” said Senator Gaines. “The taxpayers have already spent more than a million dollars on a draft EIR. The legislature didn’t like what it said so they are moving the goalposts on the miners. I don’t want to see a million dollars wasted and I don’t want to see jobs killed off when we have 12-percent unemployment.”

    The legislature has until June 15th to deliver a budget to the Governor. “I am fighting to get this absurd, Catch-22 language out of the budget before it is sent to Governor Brown,” said Gaines.

    In February of this year, Senator Gaines introduced a bill that would have lifted the ban on suction dredge mining while the EIR and new regulations were being drafted. The bill was defeated in the Senate Natural Resources Committee, 5-2.

    Senator Ted Gaines represents the 1st Senate District, which includes all or parts of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Lassen, Modoc, Mono, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento and Sierra counties.

    Here's one more item from the Western Mining Alliance. Please go to the web site of Western Mining Alliance and check them out.
    I'll end this e-mail for now and sorry about its length. What's your answer about surrendering? Care to have your wallet stolen during the night? Not me!! Thanks. Don

    ps: You're welcome to send this e-mail to anyone you want. Thanks again.

    The news of our plight in CA with the Legislature trying to Stop Suction Dredging again, has hit the nationwide/worldwide news.

    Governor Brown needs to know this is no longer a local issue, and could affect CA’s economy on an even wider scale. Once he sees how many media outlets have the story and are running it, he can weigh the Negative PR CA’s getting against the minimal annual cost savings, of the Trailer Bill Language. It’s up to us to let the Governor know he still has an option. Send him a News fax Tonight, if possible. All you need to do is FAX the Gov a copy of one or two of the many News Articles WMA has waiting for your use. Will you join us in our “Wednesday Night FAX the Governor Party”? If you want to, just go to and click PRESS RELEASES. Everything you will need is right there to use. With your help, Governor Brown will get our message Thursday morning, that this is not going away unless “HE makes it go away” by having the Trailer Bill Language removed from the Trailer Bill before it gets voted on (very soon).

    Lets FILL the Gov’s Office with News articles from TheStreet, NewsBlaze, CitizenWire, Breitbart, CaliforniaNewsWire, SacBee etc..... tonight!

    Stand Up For Your Rights and Join The Fight!
    The Team at WMA
    The enemies of liberty will not rest, and neither can we.

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    Re: Action Notice, copy, paste, Fax can't get any easier

    PLP and the WMA are at the forefront of fighting this and many issues! please do your part in helping them do theirs!take 1 min. and send in your comment! PLEASE!

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    My Hearts Desire

    Nov 2010
    Camptonville, CA
    GMT&GM3 Whites MXT Pro, Shadow X5, Fisher 1280, OMG and the TDI
    1294 times

    Re: Action Notice, copy, paste, Fax can't get any easier

    Here is what you can do to let your voice be heard.
    And don't forget to order your raffle tickets.

    It is the last week to get your raffle tickets and win some great prizes -

    From: Gary Goldberg <>
    To: "Gary Goldberg" <>
    Date: Sunday, June 5, 2011, 11:50 PM

    Dear Fellow California Miners,
    There are several articles in various papers, mostly the Sacramento Bee that are carrying stories about the Budget Bill and the Trailer added to add a new 5-yr Suction Dredge Moratorium. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT EVERYONE OF YOU GO TO ALL THREE LINKS I HAVE PROVIDED BELOW AND ADD YOUR COMMENTS.
    They don't have to be long, just go and register your feelings against this Trailer Bill. Add whatever you want but the more comments listed under the stories, the more weight is will carry.

    Gary Goldberg

    The enemies of liberty will not rest, and neither can we.



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