Dredging in Oregons Bohemia district
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Thread: Dredging in Oregons Bohemia district

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    Apr 2013
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    Dredging in Oregon's Bohemia district

    Did some sampling on my claim found some good spots, some have just too much overburden, just showing off my dredge in action.
    sorry for the shaking just got a gopro and still learning how to use it. fine gold, pulled out 3g and still panning the con's

    view in YouTube; https://youtu.be/Ho8xJgUo3C4

    (edit) built this last year just wanted to show it running
    Building my 5in Dredge from parts and peices
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    now theres some great video to wake up on!!!

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    Great addiction to have. John

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    I just overlook the shaking and enjoy the dredging video....great job winners
    It's amazing just how much treasure people loose and we manage to find.

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    Nice video, makes me wish I was back up there dredging again. It just doesn't get any better than this. Beautiful country, perfect water temp, sure the gold varies but where doesn't it. Some nice boulders in there should get you decent seasonal gold if the creek gets moving. Most of the gold I found up there was 20 mesh or smaller there are pickers and nuggets to be found though. Bedrock and bb+ sized reddish purple gravels had the best gold for me. There seem to be more heavies than places like south Umpqua or cow creek. I don't think your claim has been worked recently in the last 7 or so years. The one below yours was worked for a couple seasons a couple years ago.

    It's so nice up there this time of year you almost don't even need a wet suit or maybe a 3 mil at that which is always nice because less weight.

    BMOA has a nice club claim across from the dump. I think its only 20-25$ a year membership for 6-8 claims up there. Might be worth checking out if you plan to spend some time up there. Think my best day on one of the club's claims was maybe 40-50$ with a 2.5" on a stand. Edit- Actually it was a little more. One weekend with the 2.5 there was enough gold to pay for my suction nozzle, suction hose, flair and sluice, so whatever those cost me new at the time a few years ago.

    One of the few places you can even dredge anymore, I'd probably hang on to that claim but I guess everything has a price.

    Any changes in mind for the dredge?
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    Awesome video, good music too.
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