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Thread: Dahlke 6" and Proline 6" ?

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    Sep 2013
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Dahlke 6" and Proline 6" ?

    Hi all !
    I am a french wannabe adventurer, trying my luck with gold and currently launching a gold prospecting / mining project in Africa.
    My team and I are planning to get a 6” dredge, both for sampling streams and as a production machine. As it is my first purchase of such a machine, I am investigating the options on the market. I basically boiled it down to two options :
    The Proline 6” dredge and the Dahlke 6” dredge. I am sure both are very fine machines, as are many other probably. But that is not my question.
    I would like to understand the specifics of each, meaning the poor and cons to help me out choosing the most suitable tool for us.

    Here are the proline 6” specifics as written on the website :
    Engine: (2) Honda GX270s
    Pump: (2) HP500s
    Sluice Box: 22" x 72"
    Dredge Hose: 6" x 25 ft.
    High Pressure Hose: (2) 2" x 90"
    Intake Hose: (2) 3" x 48"
    Flotation: 4 polyethylene floats 16" X 62" X 100"
    Air Compressor: T-80 or PCA10
    Weight: 500 lbs

    Here are the Dahlke 6” specifics as written on the website :
    13hp Vanguard power
    DP500 jetting pump
    Dahlke compressor
    20’ hose kit
    HD swivel suction nozzle
    75”L x 24”ID recovery tray

    I would like to understand the differences in between having in one case (proline) two 8.5hp engine and two pump and on the other hand (dahlke) a single 13hp and single pump.
    How does that affect the suction capacity of the dredge ?
    What about gasoline consumption ?
    Does 8.5hp + 8.5hp = 17hp (yes, i am not afraid to ask silly questions ) ?
    What about maintenance ? I am inclined to think that two of each things is a factor two of troubleshootings and breakdowns.
    Any remarks that aren’t in those questions are more than welcome.

    Speaking about maintenance, I do not want to waste time running around Africa to find stuff when we will eventually have troubles with the dredge. So I would like to order together with the dredge the most important and sensitive parts that will need to be changed in the coming year. Do you have any suggestion about what those extra pieces should be ?

    Thanks all for your attention, any remarks and advices concerning those two dredges are very welcome. Please forgive my english, as after all I am just a frenchman . I still hope I made everything clear.
    Good day for everybody !


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    Mar 2003
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Both good dredges. Go for the PCA10 air as t-80 not for deep or multiple divers. Precision industrial tough and in continuous operation for a long time. Dahlke a old proven company but under new ownership and have never even run any of their new rigs from Texas(RIP Bob Dahlke). Your english is fine and lots of luck mining-John PS. extra pump seals,hose clamps,pump hoses and compressor belts are a good start

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    Sep 2013
    4 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks a lot Hoser John for taking time to help me out.
    Your answer goes the same way as my research. Hard to find feedbacks on the new millenium dredges. For proline, I was indeed aiming for the pca10, as we wont dive very deep (max 15" I believe) but eventually might be two divers working under there (hose and boulders).
    Thanks also for the extra pieces !

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    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
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    Why buy a 6 inch dredge when you could get a 8 inch! Proline is a tough unit and keeps on running! Does this make me sound biased yep , I thought so !

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    Feb 2018
    Garrett Infinium LS
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    Aleksi, Pump seals, hose clamps, are a must. I have a spare motor, spare pump, seals, footvalves etc. I have never had a Proline footvalve wear out, but I did have one fall off once. So now I keep a spare plastic footvalve handy just in case. I have at least one extra of everything. Don't forget a good deadblow hammer for jams. Prolines are top of the line and don't clog often. But you'll need a good deadblow on occasion. Also, in many countries I have been to, quality oil is hard to come by. I have shipped countless gallons of quality oil across the world where I have dredged. You will need to do an oil change on your motors after the first day. (Since you're French...maybe the second day. ) I change my oil regularly at the end of every week... about 40 hours of run time. (consult your manufacturer specs) I use Honda motors on my Prolines. (If you have diesel engines, obviously you can go much longer between oil changes) Also, don't forget tools, and something to store your used oil in. Where I am currently dredging in SE Asia, the locals use glass coke bottles to transport fuel. I had to ship gas cans from the U.S. A fuel filter to dispense fuel through won't hurt either, as quality of gas varies greatly in other countries.

    Also, Proline suction hose is top of the line. Even with commercial use it will last a long time. But, it doesn't hurt to have extra hose available as hose greater than 4" is not readily available in most countries. I wish you all the best. Please keep us posted, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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    Sep 2013
    4 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Mick88 View Post
    You will need to do an oil change on your motors after the first day. (Since you're French...maybe the second day. )
    Come on man, I swear I won't give it any red wine ! Or well, only very fine one.
    Thanks a lot for your answer, I red it carefully.
    I'll keep you informed.
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