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Thread: First dredge

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    Dec 2018
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    First dredge

    I picked up this little dredge for $200 at a garage sale. Not sure but I'm guessing I got a good deal? The motor runs like a champ. I know nothing about it and can't find any info on the Keene site.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	72266330_700026000407734_5993626414891401216_n.jpg 
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    Anyone know where I might be able to find replacement parts? The top bracket that holds the fuel tank down is missing. I'm not sure what the box is supposed to have in it but right now it's just got the cloth mat that slides out. Is another piece supposed to go up higher under the steel grate? I have a spare Gold Hog low flow mat sitting around, would it be worth it to try and fit it inside some how?

    I found this picture online.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2-keene-gold-dredge_1_0213314ae2a61c0115eec9d655e1214a.jpg 
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    Looks like it came on a float. Any idea where to get the float and bracket system? I gave it a try in a small creek and although it was fun and I got a bit of gold, having it on the bank with the short hoses made it difficult. Can I extend the hoses or is the hose it comes with about as long as it will handle?

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	keene-engineering-model-2002-backpack_1_650642a89869098421c03a0560a068e6.jpg 
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ID:	1762342 I have some pontoons similar to these in the backyard if your close to NM. For the fuel tank, I'd just get some banding and some rubber. Suction power should increase with a log jet vs your suction nozzle. Far as the under the screen, I normally keep a scrubber pad, like ur hog mat or some vmatting. Otherwise, just make sure the riffles are nice and straight and don't have a lot of light shining through.
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    $200 is a good price if everything is in good shape. Even if it had come with its tire tube float, I would recommend converting it to something else. Tubes are highly prone to leaking, and if you arent watching it, you could turtle the whole thing.

    Your sluice box looks complete, there are differing styles of capture systems. The biggest worry I would have is that the hoses were dry-rotted and close to failure, but at least with your size of dredge, the hoses are cheap. As for extending your hoses, that shouldnt be a problem as long as you dont get carried away with it. Just be careful of creating an obstruction point which will cause long/thin "blades" of gravel from hanging up and causing a blockage.

    Keep in mind that your dredge is considered a backpack size. Its use is in easily hauling it into difficult areas to run gold tests. The total through-put of it is very low, but still better than hand panning. Get a scuba mask and snorkel so that you can lay down with your face in the water and see what you are doing. Blind dredging will only cause frustration because you'll have to fight with constant plugs. When you can see the nozzle, you can keep the problem rocks away and move oversized gravel before it suctions to the tip of the nozzle.
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    Feb 2010
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    I have one and they are fun little unit. I have the tube frame for it but have never floated it. I generally sit it on a rock in a small stream and go to town. Replacement parts may be a pain. As was already stated small bungee for the fuel tank

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    I think it should be able to handle at least 15 ‘ of suction hose as long as it doesn’t have to lift too far . Is it a 2 1/2 “. I used to have one , found my biggest nugget with it 2.5 dwt. Gold and quartz . Good memory’s!

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    6 or 8' of hose works best for that little 2". I've had 3 or 4 of them over the years. You will have to fabricate a hold down plate for the gas tank because the original broke like they all do. I used a square frame with the innertube that came with them but you can easily build your own. I built the one in the video for a 3" and you could make a triangle style frame and use 3 small jugs for great portability. 3' wide at the back and 4' long with the one float up front. This way you can just tie it to your belt and let it follow you. That's how I used mine for sniping. That old hose is stiff... Just toss it and go buy some light weight stuff. Run a 5' hose from your pump with a quick connect so that you can pull it easily to blast out crevices.
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