Pump discharge hose size?
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Thread: Pump discharge hose size?

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    Pump discharge hose size?

    I want to buy a gas water pump for my Gold Hog Piglet and I could buy a Honda GX50 with a Keene P90 pump, but I thought about going bigger so I am not upgrading down the road. I am thinking the biggest piece of equipment I might run is a 4" dredge, so the GX200 with the Keene p185 is what I am thinking about getting.

    It doesn't seem like that would be too much for the Piglet, but it's a question I have?

    If it is not to much for the Piglet, another question I have is about the diameter of the pressure intake of a suction nozzle and/or power jet. Both have the option of getting a 1.5" or 2" pressure intake diameter. What is the difference between the two diameters of pressure intake for both the suction nozzle and the power jet? The reason I ask is to size the pressure hose when I buy the pump (the P185 has a 2" discharge).

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    There is no way that you can throttle-down a 4inch dredge pump enough to make it usable in p90 pump situation. My 4 inch dredge motor/pump is almost too much for my 3 inch dredge. The only way to make that work is to put a valve between the pump and the GH intake. And then you are going to burn through a LOT more fuel than a tiny honda 50 uses.
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    Get the jet inlet size that matches the outlet of your pump, Keene used to sell pumps with a 1.5" outlet for their 4" dredges. I used a Gold Diver pump meant for a 4" dredge on a highbanker, necked it down with a valve and it did do wear and guzzled gas as Jason said. I recently picked up a little WX15 pump from a pawn shop as a birthday present to myself and it has more than enough water to run my 10" wide highbanker a good distance from the creek, I can also pick it up with my pinky.
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