Full face dive mask
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Thread: Full face dive mask

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    Dec 2019
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    Full face dive mask

    Hello everyone I am new to these forums. I am looking at getting a new full faced dive mask next year. Currently i use a ots spectrum but it can be very uncomfortable after extended use and I would like to get better periferial vision. What masks have you tried and why do you like them? Are there ones that have integrated stage 2's that can't be modded to use with surface air i.e hookah setups and if so which ones? I have been looking at both the ots guardian as well as the ocean reef neptune space g. Does anyone know if the can be converted to low pressure surface air?

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    I'm kind of confused by your question.... You should just need an adapter from the hooka to the mask. You should not need a 2ndary regulator if your dive mask has the regulator built into it, this is essentially the 2nd stage regulator in the system.

    1st stage reg goes on the Tank and reduces pressure to around 150psi or so.
    That line usually goes to the dive regulator, in this case, the mask itself, and reduces that 150 down to atmospheric pressure.

    You essentially just need to find an adapter for your airline so that it will connect from your storage tank to your mask.

    I dont dredge but I'm familiar with SCBAs and SCUBA equipment.

    But now that I've said that...

    Here's a nice alternative to use your current regulator setup if you have one..

    Or 900 for this bad boy with an adjustable valve for the hooka..

    And I'll eat my own words because it looks like most Full Face Mask regs either require, like you mentioned, a higher operating pressure, or find an adjustable for a pretty penny.

    I also spotted this that you might be able to rig up.


    Lastly.. check this thread

    affordable full face mask and regulator for hookah?

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    If you want to know if the integrated 2nd stage regulator can be adapted to use SSA, you need to contact to company and ask them.

    Personally, I think you are going about it backwards. dont change your regulator to work with a low pressure air supply, improve your air compressor to supply the needed pressure and volume for your full face mask.
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    get a Kirby Morgan KMB18 band mask, worn my couple many 1000's of hours since 2001, including one day for 13 hours of welding on a bulkhead. they are fully adjustable for input pressure and can be used in a freeflow option too.
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