Pigs day in the sun ...
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    Pigs day in the sun ...

    Hi all , has been awhile , but I made it out late last Thursday & Friday. Now, I don't really remember when I was last out a chas'n that gold ,.. last Sept ?? for sure was out in the Dale late Dec. , with the family , but really didn't give that gold a run for it's money ,..and so it should be on such trips . But , even a O' pig has a need to run& play hard ,..every now & then .
    I work about 1hr 40 min. North of home , which gives me a good hour heads start to my gold fields. So , Thursday after work I headed straight for 'em . I was originally going to a place higher in elevation, but due to poor weather headed out to a lower elevation & dryer gravel ,..it was a good decision !
    4 o'clock found myself at my wash , had to walk it right off , look'n for a few places to dig . A ways down the wash, found a bit of bed rock that I figured would do . On the way back up the wash I gave one of are O'dig'n's a look over , ..it was close to camp & covenant for a night-run ,.. if I could pop-out a few boulders & rocks ?? I managed to do so with a bit of day light to spare . I set up the dry washer and dug & stock piled gravel till 10:00 . I did take a dinner brake , but with a hot dog in one hand and a rock hammer in the other , I opened up some bed rock not much more then 50 ft. from my truck . So ,. I had 3 digs to clean up by 4:"ish" the next day [Fri]. Dig 1;O'dig of ares , Dig2 ; bed rock down the wash ,and Dig 3 ;bed rock just behind camp ,..would have to have my game on to stay on schedule .
    Friday morn' got a move on and ran the "stock-pile" and vacuumed the last bit of dig 1 . Not that optimistic about it,..but had to do it just to get past the fact this spot is done ,finished ,....History ......well maybe... ..!!!

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    In this pic of dig2 , you can see one of my most favorite dig'n tools ,..a O' coffee can ,...

    A few burdened trips down the wash , I was set for dig 2 . I made two dry washer runs , had Au. show'n in both , but just bag & tagged 'em . The hole was clean , figured I would take a load up to the truck and grab a bite to eat . come back detect the hole and done dig 2 , ahead of schedule ,. well just on ....
    Back at dig 2 , I clicked on the O' G.M. V-sat , and no sooner then sticking it in the hole ,had a good signal ,.. just oddly strong ? Knowing the signal was in virgin earth , and my camera was just in reach ,. I started taken pic's . I was hoping to get a insitu of the "Big-One",..but alas the signal rolled out of the side of the hole and right into my scoop,...very sad indeed .. ! Using the two-scoop method I soon herd the "clunk" of something heavy ?? I peered into my scoop and saw ,..well best as I can describe ,..a turd !

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    Yeah ,...it does look like something from a hole # 2 doesn't it ?? weighs in at 5.88 g.

    I must say I was a bit hesitant to field clean it ,. the traditional way ,..but traditions are hard too brake so I popped her in my mouth , and after the initial sour fizz , it was so very sweeeet !!

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    Anyway , ... Pig slobber does have a way to make a nugget just glisten in the sun !!

    After this photo session ,I stuck the detector back into the hole and was greeted with yet another signal ,... ,..but of a more common signal strength . It went down as before and missed the insitu shot ,.. and had to recreate it .

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    It was a "turdlet" of 1.49 g. with the same patina as the 5.88 g. piece.

    A bit of rock hammer work revealed a .15 g. piece , and a few other small signals in amongst the bits of bed rock gathering at the bottom of the hole ,. I just screened this stuff though the hopper off the dry washer ,.. for pan'n later .. Thank goodness it pinched out ,..I really didn't "schedule"time in for finding any gold !!
    I did manage to get dig 3 vacuumed up and through a screen & detected,....so much for schedules ... Had everything thrown into the truck and press'n down on the gas pedal by 5:18 ,...so 25 hr 18 min.,... but who's count'n

    Anyway ,.. plenty of sun & and a incredible starry night sky ,...a bit of Au. to boot ,...good trip

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    Feb 2011
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    Re: Pigs day in the sun ...

    That be some bodacious gold BP, thanks for sharing those pics, but really sticking a dirty old rock in your mouth that's a bit over the top for me.

    Take care of there,
    It is better to die fighting evil than to live under it.

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    Re: Pigs day in the sun ...

    A good day mining beats any day doing anythang else and ya just gotta luv that good ol'caliche fizz with a righteous ol' nugget to slober on keep location quiet and reap more as in the desert they run in packs too-tons a au 2 u 2-John

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    Re: Pigs day in the sun ...

    Pretty nuggets! WTG!

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    Re: Pigs day in the sun ...

    Thanks for sharing. Very nice gold! Thats part of the problem with prospecting, what to do if you get into a good spot when on a schedule. Oh well, everything else in life can go on hold for a while. Important things first! Doug.

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    Re: Pigs day in the sun ...

    Nice find!

    All the best,

    Nothin' quite as fun as chasin' sassy nugget gold! http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/me...mysteries.html

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    Re: Pigs day in the sun ...

    Nice nuggets. Love to see real Gold!
    "I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy."
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