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Thread: Thompson Drywasher

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    I havenít seen the new Keene design in the field yet Reed, so hard for me to say. The 151, As you probably know, makes quite a dust cloud!
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    Quote Originally Posted by arizau View Post
    Wheels are great but are still limiting depending on distance and terrain especially where I dry wash. Short powerful bursts of air by puffers makes sense to me not discounting being quiet at the same time. Constant air pressure from a blower attempts to keep the feed bed in some stage of constant suspension and I guess is more aligned with commercial dry fluid bed applications but I think those applications also have more regulated feed size/density vs. placer dirt feed.

    Convenience rules for me but they both obviously work so have fun making your choice.
    Honestly, if I get a new one, it will probably be the Whippet because I feel the same. The Keene looks nice... and bulky...
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    Oct 2015
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    For you guys that like the high production capability of the blower type drywasher, but don't like the two-stroke blower noise and stench, you can run your drywasher with an electric blower and a small, suitcase style generator.
    I run my Royal Manuf. large model drywasher with a Worx electric blower that has an adjustable airflow dial - powered by a Yamaha 2000 genny. The whole setup isn't light at all, but once set up works really well and is pretty darn quiet. You can easily talk while the setup is running.
    No more mixing two-stroke fuel.
    The adjustable airflow can be dialed up and down as needed. I dial airflow up when the riffles start loading up.
    The genny can power an extra fan if you like to cool yourself, blow dust away from you, or cool the genny. You can now also run a small demo hammer to cut through hardpack. The little Yamaha will run my Hitachi demo hammer with a wide chisel bit no problem... so much better than wielding the heavy rockbar.
    Obviously, you can't run the demo hammer and the blower at the same time with one little genny.
    Different way to skin the cat. Works for me.
    Happy digging.
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    Jan 2008
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    Rockbar, I like the idea of our yamaha 2000 portable generator. I too run my Thompson drywasher off an electric blower but since I haven't been able to afford the generator I power my electric blower with my 92 grand Cherokee with a calibrated rock on the gas pedal feeding a Harbor Freight 4000 watt converter Far as the electric Thompson I run mine off a Lithium battery that is so incredibly light I can hold it up with one finger and lasts for hours. Yes you pay more for the lithium but how much is your back worth in terms of carrying a lead acid battery which I did for years,ugh!

    I love my Thompson but as soon as I can save up the cash it's going to be a Whippet for this 63 y.O. prospector!!


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