Equinox 600 at a site I worked hard with the CTX , and a question for Equinox owners
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Thread: Equinox 600 at a site I worked hard with the CTX , and a question for Equinox owners

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    Equinox 600 at a site I worked hard with the CTX , and a question for Equinox owners

    Took the 600 out for a spin at an old house that was occupied from 1880's to 1980's littered with lots of iron and junk. I have hit this site very very hard with the CTX over the past 4 years. Ended up pulling 2 wheat cents and a Grit Newspaper token from the front yard. I have been over that same area numerous times with the CTX and the Etrac . Not sure if its due to the speed of the 600 or just pure luck but it sure is promising .

    My question is about how "chatty" the 600 is compared to the CTX and Etrac. I live in southern Ohio and never really figured my soil to be overly hot.
    But if I run the sensitivity above 11or so it constantly grunts iron in areas I know there isn't iron. If I raise the coil then touch the ground gently it will grunt.
    I can touch it and bump it with my hand and it will not do this.
    I always noise cancel and have my cell phone off but I have not ground balanced . If I run under 11 on sensitivity it runs quiet but once I start bumping it up it gets more chatty .
    Its useable but in the back of my mind I wonder is this normal ?

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    Martin, I'm here in NW ohio, mild ground here also but I always gb and the numbers are 60-65ish so that's a long ways off of the preset 0 gb. May want to try it and see if it helps with your issues.
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    Are you having this issue everywhere you've turned the machine on?

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    Excessive iron grunt noise and -9, -8, -7 bouncing VDIs (when in all metal) are indicative of ground feedback and means you need to GB the machine. You should not have to turn sensitivity down that far. Even though the Equinox MultiIQ programming is very forgiving to a less than optimal ground balance, doing a ground grab takes about 5 seconds and there is no reason not to do it unless you soil has absolutely no mineralization (i.e., white sugar sand). If your ground phase varies significantly over small distances/areas at a sit, don't be afraid to use tracking ground balance.

    Other things that can cause excessive ground noise is setting the detector to low recovery speeds and swinging too slow at high recovery speeds.
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