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    Pin Pointer Question

    I am new to this hobby so if this is a stupid question, please forgive me.

    I just bought and received yesterday my new Equinox 800 and Garrett Pro Pointer AT.

    The question I have concerns the pointer.

    I have no metal in my body other than in my mouth and teeth.

    However, when I point the pointer at my body, or wear it on my belt in its holder, it goes off. It seems to be detecting metal in my body, especially in my ankles.

    If I am trying to find something in the dirt, it goes off if it gets near me.

    It does this no matter what sensitivity its set on. So if I have it on and it is near me, it beeps.

    Have you heard of this before? Is it defected?
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    First - Only turn it on when you are using it to recover a target. Second - You need to turn it on with the tip pressed to the ground so it has the proper ground reference. Turning it on at random and the placing it next to your body could cause it to go off simply because of the difference in ground potential between various parts of your body vs. it's reference point which is wherever it was when you turned it on.
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    Apr 2018
    Atlanta, GA
    Equinox 800
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    vferrari - Thank you again for your help and answer.

    Makes total sense. I knew I did not have metal in my body unless I was bionic and my parents never told me!

    So put the tip in the ground before turning it on. Great to know.



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