A thorn in my side
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Thread: A thorn in my side

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    Sep 2013
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    A thorn in my side

    Had a strange experience last week, was in the woods swinging away going over a spot with 11" coil, I has started the day before, it was a clear area but some wild rose and blackberry briars, suddenly I was getting ground noise, and could not ground balance it would descend from 80 to 0 and stay at 0, and continue with heavy ground buzz any time coil was near surface,

    I could not figure it out, the day before at same spot it was settling at 19, I noise canceled , restated machine, The problem continued, I did factory reset, the problem continued.

    I thought that it may be moisture and dirt from snow inside coil cover, which can cause similar issues, so I opened and found water, cleaned it, let it dry and the problem continued.

    I could not use the machine, so I changed to my 6" coil and it was fine. so then i knew it was the 11" coil ,

    I proceed to clean the entire top of coil and noticed just above where cable joins the ring a little spur sticking out, I thought it was part of the housing, but was I rubbed it with the cloth it come out , Lw and behold it was a thorn from the wild rose and blackberry briars, I sealed up hole with aqua seal I use for my waders and the coil worked fine again,

    so moving forward I put foam insulation tubing over cable when in the thorny woods
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    Try a split wiring cover such as Dorman Conduct it comes in various colors and sizes; available at auto parts stores.
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    Sep 2013
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    Good info, thanks Amerigin... oh, not sure if it'll work but have you thought about using some large shrink wrap? "D"
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    You want to make sure the cord is wrapped good around the shaft. If there is a lot of slack going up the shaft, the cord can move and the coil could possibly sound off on that movement. I know that was happening to me when i first got into this sport and had an Ace 250. I then moved to the wireless XP Deus but i just recently purchased a Equinox 800 and made sure the cord was secure. Hope you figure out the issue soon sir - good luck.
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    God you fixed it being under warranty you might want to see if you could get a new coil.Even though you fixed it that seem kinda strange.

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