Equinox 800 15 inch coil question
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Thread: Equinox 800 15 inch coil question

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    Jan 2018
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    Equinox 800 15 inch coil question

    Ok, I have the 15 inch coil on my 800 and have heard you need to slow down your recovery speed to 3-4 and swing slowly when using the 15 inch coil.

    Does this mean swing slowly after you get a hit and you can swing at your normal speed before you get a hit?

    I notice on slow recovery speed it seems to mean just that, a slow recovery after you get a signal. Because the TID value stays on the screen a longer time with a slower recovery speed and the detector won't detect during this recovery period. If I have it right, then if there are no signals say in in an open field, you can swing normally until you get a signal.

    need some clarification so I hunt properly with the 15 inch coil on my 800.

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    Mar 2011
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    Even though the Nox has a fast processor, you can still swing too fast for conditions and/or target depth. When I'm hunting an area with deep targets and little trash, I lower the recovery speed and swing slower. If I'm just hunting dry sand for fresh drops, I keep the recovery speed high and swing fast. In areas with lots of trash and deep good targets, you'll have to experiment with recovery speed vs. swing speed to see what combination will still find the deep targets and give decent separation. It can be a balancing act sometimes.
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    As I've always said, go slow, dig it all. My buddy got a Civil War hat letter a couple weeks ago with his Equinox which he almost didn't dig because it rang in at a "5". I suggested he dig that iffy signal, and it was a gem!
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    Jul 2012
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    Stock coil–-I had an old flat button yesterday rung up as 4. It airtested at 14. In old site be careful assuming anything. The big one might get away. I should have my 15” Nox coil tomorrow. Something I want to check right off the bat with it comparing stock coil. Probably not what folks think either.

    Dug a nice very worn reale coin. 18 in the meter buried in field 2 speed 5 iron bias 0. Airtest at 21/22.
    You can see it dug here.
    Dug actually 3 old Spanish coins/bits. The odds of this happening in my area I think are astronomical. One 3 hour hunt. Almost quit after the first one was found. Glad I didn’t.


    The bit chopped in half 1778.
    The coin is 1767.
    Look closely at the coin I think you can see see some lettering and numbering. Coin is worn badly.

    Here is what I think is an old maybe hammered coin. It was bent on edge and I broke a tad off the edge. It came out of ground just like younsee in pic, close to other Spanish. It is not perfectly round. It seems has some design on it when looking though with magnifying glass. Is really worn though.
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