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Thread: Eqx 800 use using Bluetooth vs Wi- Stream

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    As a user of the nox 600 w aftermarket blue tooth headphones, I’m saying they work great!

    I have three silver dollars and 5 gold rings and a bunch of other goodies w the nox and my setup. I would never steer you wrong!

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    I just borrowed some workout buds from my wife, since I haven't had time to find some good ones (and try them on for sound first). Worked really well so far, and don't make my ears sweat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debatedc View Post
    I just borrowed some workout buds from my wife, since I haven't had time to find some good ones (and try them on for sound first). Worked really well so far, and don't make my ears sweat
    Are they wired or bluetooth?
    "The future ain't what it used to be..."

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    I agree with vferrari here. I am not convinced that people are percieving "delay" with aptX-LL, as compared to Wi-Stream. YES, the numbers show that Wi-Stream is faster, but as vferrari notes, there's a limit as to what the human ear can perceive.

    I am attaching a video, which I found interesting. It shows, audibly and visually, the "lag" associated different types of wireless feeds. In the first test, using aptX-LL, it's essentially imperceptible, as compared to a wired connection. Both feeds -- wired, and aptX-LL, are played simultaneously, and there is no "echo" perceptible (echo would, of course, would reveal perceptible "lag").

    Then, when you see the second test in the video, where regular aptX and wired are played simultaneously, you definitely perceive the noticeable "lag" -- i.e. the "echo" between the two feeds. But, that echo is NOT there, with the aptX-LL. This supports what I've believed from my study of the issue, and is exactly what vferrari notes, as well. See for yourself...


    I would tend to think that it's actually audio CLARITY or QUALITY that makes the difference, when plugging in better headphones into the WM-08, vs. the Minelab (BT-80) wireless phones, as opposed to "lag" being the issue. I also suspect that some of the Minelab Bluetooth headphones sound better than others. I have two pair, and one is very clear and sounds great; the other, not so much. The "not so good" pair sound slightly muffled, and at times there's even a bit of "offset" between what you are hearing in one ear cup, vs. the other.

    Another story...when I first got my Explorer years ago, I was using the supplied Koss UR-30 headphones, and thought they sounded just fine (I didn't know any better, as I had nothing to compare them to). But, at the insistence of many, I upgraded -- to a set of SunRay Pro Golds. Let me tell you, there was a HUGE difference. MUCH clearer, MUCH better definition to the different tones, with the Pro Golds, vs. the Koss phones. Bottom line, headphones MATTER.

    I will say that my "good" set of Minelab (BT-80) headphones sound "good," while the "bad" set definitely sounds much worse. However, due to this discussion, I am going to do something I haven't done yet -- I'm going to hunt for awhile using my SunRay Pro Gold phones with the WM-08 module. I've been meaning to do this, anyway, for quite awhile, but this thread has motivated me to do so. I am curious to see if my "good" pair of BT-80 aptX-LL phones actually sound "not so good," if compared to the SunRays…

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    Vferrari is correct, however, it's what works for *you*. I've tried a number of low latency bluetooth headphones and ear buds, both high dollar and cheapo's I have. For some reason, I do notice a difference, but it's mostly in pinpointing and not having to dig a "side plug" to get where I should have been. Maybe, and I'm no brain surgeon, it has to do with the way different people perceive / hear sound. I'm simply speculating, but for now, I use the module with my preferred headphones. Yes, it catches on my shovel handle a few times and of course I cuss it out when it does as if it was it's fault not mine, but in the end, just use what works for you.

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