High recovery speed advice
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Thread: High recovery speed advice

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    Apr 2016
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    High recovery speed advice

    I went out for an hour at a very old site I pounded with the 600 in Field2, 5 tone, auto GB, horse shoe on, sensitivity 15-21, noise canceled, recovery 2 (middle settings on 600). This is my primary cellar hole set up and it worked great, over 30 flat buttons to only 8 or 9 square nails and 4-6 chunks of iron. Sort of a 2:1 ratio of target selection correct vs. fooled by iron.

    Today I bumped up the recovery to 3, highest setting. (I have not messed with recovery speed since my first month with the Nox.) Hoping to uncover a few more buttons. I ended up finding targets that I could get to repeat in the low 20ís, but every one of them was a square nail. They were not perfect targets, maybe consistent number in one direction and iron or bouncy in another direction.

    Should I adjust iron bias and try again? Any other advice?
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    Yes, I sometimes like to bump up the iron bias to about 3 in areas with deep rusty iron. If the good targets are deep, I keep the sensitivity as high as I can stand, swing slower, and reduce the recovery speed. I use the 800, so, it's a bit more adjustable than yours, but, give it try and see if it helps.
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    Upping Iron Bias is one option to reduce falsing. I tend to avoid that though because is sort of defeats the purpose of going with a higher recovery speed. The reason being that iron bias is just another filter. Filters result in processing delays that counter the benefits of increasing recovery speed. The upshot is that you may introduce more non-ferrous target masking by increasing iron bias because the filter delay may result in one-way signals or or worse (no signal) as the processor attempts to recover from filtering out the probable falsing iron. The other issue is related to the 600 specifically - since it has coarser adjustability for iron bias (just as it does for recovery speed), each incremental increase in iron bias has a more pronounced effect on the degree of filtering (and the corresponding potential for masking). Cudamark's recommendation to up IB to 3 (for the 800) falls smack between IB settings of 1 and 2 for the 600. I would still give it a shot though to see how it does.

    Another suggestion I stems from the fact that iron falsing tends to get worse with higher operating frequencies. So try switching modes to a lower weighted frequency spectrum like Park 1 or Field 1 (remember that the Park 1 IB default is "2" on the 600, so you might want to dial that back to 1 or 0) while dialing up recovery speed. Another thing you can try is switching to single frequency like 5 or 10 khz with the higher recovery speed as the lower single frequency may reduce falsing. Note that in single frequency, IB does not work as it is only active while in Multi. HTH.
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