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Thread: Equinox identifying trash issue

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    Feb 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeythecat View Post
    The deepest signal I ever got was 7' under ground with a standard VLF machine.

    A natural gas pipeline! Survey plots show it's 7' down there. I have to remind myself to tell guests where it is. A few folks have found silvers and minie balls (from two different time frames) on TOP of the pipeline! Place is deeply plowed and stuff gets moved around all the time.
    I take it your soil is a tad hot where you are?

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    Mar 2019
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeythecat View Post
    I posted this once before. I was on a club dig. Place had been hit by 20 folks for two outings. This was the third, I had missed the first two. I had a "funny sounding" aluminum can signal on the Deus, well, it sounded "funny". The big aluminum almost always has a distinct "echo" to it. This sounded almost the same. Almost. It lacked some of the echo.

    There were a bunch of footprints on it and around it. It was a Rev War belt plate! The way the Deus is set up I almost never dig trash. I do dig some iron deliberately, and got a busted civil war curry comb Saturday, but knew it was iron before it came out of the ground. The one thing the Deus can get confused with is a civil war brass button and a shotgun base, as both are about the same size, weight, and density.

    And on another note, this winter has been very bad on the arthritis thing. I haven't dug much at all, and also because I can't get anyone off their couches to go with me and my gold coin and confederate buckle spot is THAWED at the moment.

    My hunt lasted 3 pitiful miserable hours on Saturday and my knees are still toast! And I fell down once and went boom on Saturday. Danged roots and vines!
    Smokey ,
    If you lived just a tad bit closer I'd get off my couch - Im here in Michigan

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    Oct 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donut View Post
    What settings,
    There are many things that come into play.
    We’ve all gone over a good target and missed it.

    Hi Doug- yea I know. This is from years of trying everything. Garret Gti, Ace, At Pro, Minelab Ctx, Equinox, all with numerous coil sizes.

    It’s my soil- not the user. I built an extensive test bed with all sorts of targets, flat, edge, co-mingled, etc- nada at 6 inch.

    But keep an eye on my yard find list in my sig. It will be going up soon.
    Coins I have found in MY yard-

    1775 British half penny, 178x half penny, 1816 Spanish 1/2 Reale, 1849 large cent, 1858 Seated Liberty quarter, 1892 Barber quarter, 18xx Shield nickel, 1897 Liberty head V nickel, a pile of Indian cents & Wheat pennies, 1946 dime, 1963 half dollar.

    Atari Token

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    Jan 2010
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    Just a thought to keep in mind. Is a 6” or 11” coils actually the covering area. What I’m trying to say is they are DD coils and if the swing is not dead center from front to back you will easily loose depths and even target loss. If you are off even an inch from front to back over the target it can make a big difference.
    I’m guess every swing we make is not the same as previous swing. Are we exactly over the target. The deeper the target the more precise we have to be over the target. That is why sometimes we hit a target and can’t find it. In a test bed each is good and you know which angl the coin is placed so if it’s deep and you swing across it even at 10 20 degrees of being off things will change enough we a
    can miss them. When it’s close to the surface the detectors will sing.
    we will never be perfect ever time. So just enjoy detecting.
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    Joseph Mi, 12 miles

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    Found the thread resurrected. The soil where the pipeline is happens to be very hot. I found a barber dime standing on edge "cemented" to a dirt clod on top of the ground about 10 days ago, something like that, and it was a marginal target. A yes, dig me target, but not the BAM you would expect from silver.


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