Sun Ray X-1 probe Tips and Tricks
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Thread: Sun Ray X-1 probe Tips and Tricks

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    Jul 2016
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    Sun Ray X-1 probe Tips and Tricks

    I just picked up a Sun Ray x-1 probe and will be heading out with it to a new permission tomorrow. I am looking for your tips and tricks, advice, warnings and experiences with it ....but I guess I should be looking for metal with it

    Any knowledge you wish to pass along would be awesome!


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    Nov 2010
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    Im watching this post too. I do not own one.

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    Aug 2015
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    I use mine more for the ease of swapping out coils. With that said tho..... don't forget to flip the switch when you need to use it and double don't forget when you are done with Keep in mind that the probe works however you have your etrac set up for....discrimination, 2 tone ferrous, etc or what ever your machine is set up for. THAT is the real advantage of the X-1............

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oct 2015
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    A stand alone pinpointer is faster for shallow targets. I normally only use the probe for deep targets that I suspect may be silver.

    In order to keep from detecting with the switch flipped the wrong way, I have gotten into the habit of flipping the switch before I put the probe back into the clamps.
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    Aug 2014
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    You’re going to love it. Wish they still made them for the Minelabs, especially the CTX. Your poster Oneguy made me smile because I remember many a time where I detected for 5-10 minutes with the pinpointer still switched on. Trust me you’re going to do it too.
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    Mar 2015
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    They're handy to have on the deep stuff. I have three...on an Explorer XS, Se Pro and Etrac.
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    Dec 2018
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    I'm on my 2nd or third Sunray X-1 probe. I recently just purchased another one for my new etrac from a member here (Bayard), great transaction by the way.

    Like many, I mainly purchased it for the ease of changing coils when the situation warrants it. I find it detects a little deeper than my Garrett Carrot, and using it in pinpoint mode, I'm less likely to put a smiley face on a valuable coin; like I did with a mint 1907-D Barber half dollar, that made me sick!

    At my age every ounce counts, but it's worth it to accurately pinpoint a valuable target not to damage it. BTW... Don't ask how many steps I've taken swinging the MD with the switch in pinpoint mode
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