Had me in tears.....
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    Nov 2005
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    Had me in tear's.....

    My Lil' Man....5 yr.'s old was detecting with me in the yard last night,he know's to ask what it is.......Hit a signal and told him I wasn't sure because it was bouncing,after the dig.....A Nail,he walk's over to the sidewalk and throw's it on the freshly laid paver's and look's at me and say's....."Daddy,it didn't bounce"....I think it took me 2 second's to totally LOSE IT....combo tear's and laughter....wouldn't trade that moment for the world.Thought I would share!!!

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    Dec 2007
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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    Remember the moment always. ( i`m sure you will)
    "Carelessness, overconfidence and arrogance are our greatest enemies."

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    The Lord Has Risen

    May 2005
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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    Did ya sign it? Really cute! those are the moments we always remember!
    This is the day the Lord hath made we shall rejoice and be glad in it!

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    lol too cute!

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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    Now there's an idea that would make ya rich. Invent a way to catch these kinda moments.

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    Jan 2008
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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    Theres nothing like it Civilman, My great grand kids and I walk looking for rocks, and use the MD's when we are not fishing and have fun. It was the same with my grand kids and kids so this is the bright spots in our life. I feel sorry for those that miss out on it. It is something we never forget. I got two big boxes of pictures and wish I had more, most of them are not posed, just taken of those busy bodys. Gnewt
    You cannot trust a friend, you can trust an enemy. Speed of dark, infinite. UFO time.

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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    Quote Originally Posted by The.Boomer
    Now there's an idea that would make ya rich. Invent a way to catch these kinda moments.
    I meant a way to always have something recording all the time. For those of you PMing me about video cams etc....

    I wish I had been able to record both my neice and nephew who both, at 4 years old, had a certain laugh that only happened when they reached a pinnacle of happiness. Of course I never had the tape rolling when it would happen.

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    Feb 2007
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    Re: Had me in tear's.....

    That will be a memory you will have forever. Great moment.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Ray S
    Ray S ECenFL



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