The u.s. mint selling above face value on new coins.
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    The u.s. mint selling above face value on new coins.

    Isn't there something just un-american about the u.s. mint (out government) selling new face value coins way above face value? I went to their site and 2 rolls of the new 2009 pennies go for 14.95 shipping included. New 2009 sacagawea dollar roll or presidental dollar 34.95 a roll. Doesn't this picture looks wrong? What up with our nation now days? Our own tax money funds this kinda stuff it would be nice to get stuff face value at face value from our own government. It will in due time get to the banks but for some reason the banks are saying we aren't going to get the new pennies or new quarters. Sometimes I just wonder why, it seems like our own government are taking advantage of the economic slump and trying to profit.

    So what's next the banks are going to charge us 5x's face value for any new coins? "Oh do you have the new puerto rico quarters?" "Yes we do they're $1.25 each would you like one?"

    Like to hear from other's

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    Re: The u.s. mint selling above face value on new coins.

    I Used to think the same way
    But the More I think about it,
    The more I think maybe they should
    Get a Job & Sell coins instead of just Taxing their
    saleries out of everyone.

    As long as they Don't sell the coins to us
    at a premium just to spend.

    I know all the new coins coming out
    will never be worth more than face value
    but look at ebay. almost $100.00
    for a role of new pennies ?
    people want to waste their money
    why shouldn't the mint earn their money
    too from people throwing it away.
    instead of stealing it from the general

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    Re: The u.s. mint selling above face value on new coins.

    Actually this type of activity is not a new concept. Many countries sell CTO(cancelled to order) postage stamps to raise revenue. A regularly postally used cancel is worth more. So in essence you are buying postage stamps that have no(or VERY little) value. All for the sake of generating revenue.
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