Why havent they rescued this freighter captain yet?
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    Why haven't they rescued this freighter captain yet?

    Any SEAL team could snatch the captain, kill the bad guys and be gone before the water turbulence subsided.

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    Re: Why haven't they rescued this freighter captain yet?

    This is Obama's big chance to show the world that we are wrong to treat terrorists like
    the enemy in a war. He thinks they are criminals so he sends in the FBI hostage rescue
    negotiating team which made the navy have to wait until they got there. He'll ride that
    foolishness into the ground up to and including the death of the brave captain so that he
    can "preserve" the lives of the pirates and put them on trial. After wasting millions of dollars
    they will serve a couple of years in a club fed then be transferred to a somali prison and
    then released. That will teach us how wrong our "Kick Ass and Take Names" system is.
    If she was allowed to vote i suspect that the wife of the Captain would have asked for
    the SEALS to do a rescue. The SEALS were on the scene as they were ordered aboard
    the MAERSK ALABAMA to make sure it arrived safely in KENYA with the humanitarian
    food supplies. If it was a shipment to Israel I doubt that Obama would have sent an
    armed escort to make sure it got there safely. siegfried schlagrule
    "We have done so much; for so many; for so long; with so little; that pretty soon we'll be able to do anything; with nothing at all."
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