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    Re: Boo Hoo, Lost my Coin Ring

    Stefen, I've offered to buy or trade for the coin and we ain't through yet. I have acquired several little things I needed for free from the good members here on Tnet, and I have given a few things away in return for folks here who need something I have. Just do unto others and everything works out even in the end.

    rtde.3, I only have one CW bullett that I personally dug and I have it in a pill bottle put away in a safe place. But give me time, I'll forget where I put it in a couple of years like most things I lose. Somewhere in my house there are a thousand or more hose washers. Every time I need one I can't find them so I go and buy another dozen pack. Ditto ball point pens, my Honus Wagner baseball card, one gold ring I found and no telling what else. There has to be half a hundred pairs of sunglasses around here somewhere! That's just me! Monty
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