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    Re: Windows 7 upgrade

    Yep, I have an ubuntu media server at home that's been up for about 5 years now (the same as a te-vo but on steriods). I use a micro-atx board that uses about 15 watts (a night light). I never have to do anything to it but log in every once in a while (via webpage) to tell it what shows to record. It's also my internet server storage... (read: internet). Linux is soo savvy. Where ever I'm at in this crazy world, I'll mount my remote drive likes it's a part of my local computer. Streaming video from it is just now taking shape too (past beta phase). Hulu? forget it. Just log into my home server and stream.... (granted you have to have a fast upload speed, or at least let it buffer up).

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    Re: Windows 7 upgrade

    I have almost no knowledge of the intrinsic values of a Mac, except that she is a graphic artist, and manages a firm that is fairly well-known, and not only does advertising, but book covers and such. She has been doing this since her last year of college (she is 42 now), and 100% of the set-ups and actual graphics are all done with a Mac. I used it a couple of times while helping out when she had to cover for 3 people who were not at work - and it ran wonderfully - anything she designed and scanned, came out wonderfully - never screwed up, or put things out of context or order, unlike the Windows system they had several years before that.

    That's my entire experience with a Mac - except for in the very early computer days when Procter & Gamble used Macs for our statistical information and reports and inventory shipping. (They went to Windows after about 5 years - don't know why), and that use was for very specific programs only.

    I do want to buy a Mac - just because.


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    Re: Windows 7 upgrade

    Nero 9 as Nero 8 and older are not compatible with Windows 7 and will stop working once Windows 7 is installed.

    No Upgrade Install From XP to Windows 7.

    Control Panel Is a Mess. The Simple layout literally hides what you're looking for, while the All view masks it with the camouflage of multiplicity. Control Panel is no longer really the single central hub for getting everything done.

    Windows 7 is really a build of Vista with GUI enhancements along with other OS enhancements. The GUI is designed to run faster than Vista's that is all. XP is still the most reliable OS.

    Windows 7 is a refined version of an operating system that sucked from the get go.

    Should have named it VISTA II or maybe Windows ME II ?

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    Re: Windows 7 upgrade

    I am writing this from a Windows 7 laptop. Got it Monday, been using it since. Tomorrow I may curse it and use it for target practice, but so far --- SO FAR --- not one hiccup. Didn't get 1 day with Vi$ta or Millenium before the wheels started falling off.

    The results here are that it feels more like the "out of box" experience I had with XP. So far, so good.

    You can set up a "virtual machine" and have another operating system there (according to one website I visited) like XP. Looking forward to trying "elive" in that virtual machine.

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    Re: Windows 7 upgrade

    Try using Sun Microsystem's VirtualBox... it's a really amazing Virt program, and will probably outperform VMware or the Windows XP Virtualization from within Win7. Since my work's Cisco VPN isn't currently supporting Win7 until sometime later this month, I've been using VirtualBox to run XP Pro everyday for work from within my Win7 system.... and it works flawlessly!! Best of all, it's open sourced & FREE!

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    Re: Windows 7 upgrade

    If you wnt a good non-web-based email program that is free go with Pegasus Mail.

    They have been around for over a decade and always been free. I used it for many years before going to gmail.
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    I got too much interesting stuff on your blog. I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.


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