A true story
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    A true story

    All my years I have been known for my sense of humor and that is one thing that cannot be taken away from me. Being the class clown for 13 years was no easy feat either, but I worked hard to maintain my tittle. I have always had a quick wit and would never hold back, or even think if there were consequences.

    When I was a junior in an all boys high school back in 1970, I had some very long hair that was in style back then. My hair flowed easily to my shoulders and nearly 1/2 way down my back. It was February of 1970 that my grandmother had passed away and my mother asked me to cut my hair for the funeral. Out of respect I did cut my locks.

    When I returned to school, I got a ton of looks from all my classmates. They were not used to seeing me in short hair, but never really said anything to me. Then on to history class where the teacher made the the following comment, "what happened, you got hit by a lawn mower"? Well I went to an all boys school and to say the least they all had a good laugh.

    Fast forward to April of that year. Well the teacher in the history class was telling a story about a car accident he had over the weekend. Nothing serious, he had stopped at a light as was rear ended. He went on to say the car was hit so hard his wife's wig fell off. Well, I blurted out within 2-3 seconds, "What's the matter, is your wife bald". The class didn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. On the spot he told me I would fail the course. I tried to talk to the guidance counselor and have my class changed explaining what transpired. I was unable to get into another class so I failed and had to repeat the course doubling up history in the senior year with a 95% on the final.

    Would I change anything I did on that day in April? If I were smart, I would, but I have to remain true to myself and say it again, only this time I'd say it with more conviction.

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    Re: A true story

    Ha Ha Good one. If we were ever to get together we would probably end up in trouble.

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    Re: A true story

    Dang Sparticus you sound a lot like me when I was in school. I was class clown and never held back either and usually my mouth spoke before my brain knew what I was saying. Almost got my head knocked off a couple of times for it too.

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    Re: A true story

    should have said --nope my grandfathere died , I had a burail to go to. -- make him feel a azz.



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