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Thread: New Improved Huck Finn

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    All I can say is keep it up America because as the old saying goes-

    "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." - Edmund Burke

    Or you can go with the slightly modified newer version which is inscribed on a plaque at the Auschwitz concentration camp translated into Polish -

    "the one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again" - George Santayana

    So go ahead America try to erase the history of this country, my supplies are stockpiled, i'm locked and loaded and ready for action.

    Whoops maybe I shouldn't say that, some bleeding heart liberalist will take me seriously...... no seriously. Ehh, it'll be against the law before long anyway, you know..... free speech.

    When a POS law breaking gangster thug lowlife like Lil Wayne (just one example of many) can become a millionaire in this country and certain a group of people actually look up to this scum then we know we are in serious trouble.

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    What are we going to call the 4th ace in a deck of cards?hearts , clubs, diamonds,(shovel ?)

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    Re: New 'Improved' Huck Finn

    Quote Originally Posted by onfire
    What are we going to call the 4th ace in a deck of cards?hearts , clubs, diamonds,(shovel ?)
    I don't expect the USA to be politically correct for too much longer. I wrote an article in this section called 5.5 Billion people expected to die in the next 40 years. I believe this economic down turn was engineered to reduce the consumption of oil. It also shows that money talks and BS walks literally those with money will speak their orders and those without money will march. Since we know the majority of the people on the planet today are here as a direct result of oil exploitation I believe that if we personally don't do something to carry our own weight and then some we shall not have the excess needed to survive the hard times. Right now they are all talking about the wonderful advancements Cuba has made but they still import half of their food that is not a total sauces that either means that they will have 50% more production or 50% reduction in population. I do not put it past all government finding a way to kill millions of people just to insure all the animals will not go extinct. As oil increases in prices those able to pay will be fewer and fewer as in the time of Joseph people will starve and become dependent on the stores of a nation. Those with insight would do well to develop cultivation methods that are very efficient and organic. Aquaponics is that way it can produce both fish and veggies with little water build your system using solar pumping systems and you should have consistant production of fish shrimp veggies spices etc. Also the production and refinement of biogas (methane) by revamping our sewer systems will provide fuel to cook with if we refine that gas we can use it in an ICE engine there are solutions and they are not that expensive but we have to be practical and diligent in the application of these old ways none of this is new both of what I have mentioned have been around for centuries you can check the history of both Egyptians did aquaponics and the Chinese cultivated biogas.
    cdltpx is my youtube screen name look there I have lots of favorites on many subjects. I also have a lot of subscribers that I have not thanked a single one of them for subscribing. I figure they subscribed same reason I sub to others to learn from what they find or post.

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    Rappers,, what is that?? Just a bunch of fools, who really have a hard time with the English language so they took to the sewers and developed their own slang like, hate filled, and inciteful language. I never heard of a Harvard English Major or Rhodes Scholar doing a thesis on the evolution of Rap Music.
    Can you believe that there was a time when Jesse Jackson actually wanted to make "Ebonics" an official language to be taught in our schools.
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