Mouse Traps... The Old Ones Work Best
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Thread: Mouse Traps... The Old Ones Work Best

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    Mouse Traps... The Old Ones Work Best

    Mouse. We saw a single mouse scoot under the furniture. I went to Home Depot and bought:

    Four plastic spring loaded traps, the ones where the mouse sticks it's head in gets spun around and you kill it and never have to see it's little lifeless body. Zero, nadda zip.
    Score 0-4

    Also Eight of the sticky pads to keep the mouse from getting away. Score 1 mouse. Notice I sai mouse, not a dead mouse. Had to do that part myself.
    Score 1-7

    Saw another mouse. Back to the store and got eight of the oldtimey spring traps. Loaded 'em up with a nice Cheddar and set them near the other two kinds.
    Score 6-2

    Total 7 mice trapped with 6 on the old spring type. The surely work.

    We used to have house cats so mice were never a problem. Well except for that one cat, when I picked up a board outside that had an entire family of mice underneath. Like a dozen or so. I held the stupid cat and pointed it at the nest and he totally zoned out. Went stiff as a board and was trembling. Either too excited or too scared, don't know.

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    I feed them d-Con they love it !
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    I`v been detecting for 51 years owned my own detector shop G.A.P. Metal Detectors here in N.Y.
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    A dab of peanut butter will attract better with the smell and last a lot longer than cheese. I prefer the old style traps as well. There is a reason that they are still around
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    I have a cat that when the mice are slim, he goes out and whacks full size rabbits. I saw him pull a bird out of the sky. He left 11 feet and snatched it out of the air. What an acrobat.
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    Peanut butter gets my vote.
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    I have pack rats peanut butter works great for most rodents.

    I don't use poisons have dogs, cats, and many raptors.

    I bought some of those 90 degree spring bar traps, they work great.

    Killed over 60 pack rats in a year ( they breed fast ).

    Place bars of Ivory soap around also watch for them
    Chewing the bars, makes them sick after eating.

    They won't stay in the area after a few feedings on soap.

    The tomcat "steel cat" also works but you have to poison
    Bait so they die in in the trap.
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    Sever with rice , with side of beans and tortillas
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    Ah, packrats.

    Find an area they spend a lot of time in, place a cup of D-Con there ... and within a few inches place a larger cup or small bowl of anti-freeze.

    Who can say no to free food and drink?

    Instant packrat party stop. Most popular place around until it goes to work.
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    Aug 2012
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    I don't believe in poison because I don't know where it goes once the mouse is dispatched.
    I believe in quick kill not just for those we hunt for food but for those we need to kill for our own protection.
    Mice can be deadly where I live. They carry plague and the junta virus.

    The most seemly cruel device I saw was the sticky pad. the mouse doesn't die right away but is stuck on a pad while the mouse goes through terror. A person doesn't have to be some tree hugger to see the lack of conscience with these devices.

    Some might say they don't care about the mouse. Other's will say it's all sacred.
    Chop wood..Carry water



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