The REAL Problem With Video Rental Stores
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    The REAL Problem With Video Rental Stores

    I went to visit a buddy who had just had two stents installed near his ticker so while recuperating at home, he decided to buy a new Blu-Ray home theater system. After hooking it up he realized he didn't own any Blu-Ray discs so off to the giant home video rental store we went.
    He was looking for concert videos but we soon realized the store didn't carry them. The store manager confirmed when we asked him that they had no concert videos at all. Not a problem we thought but as we made our way to the exit, my friend spied a box of Raisinettes, put them on the counter and reached for his wallet.
    The cashier rang up the candy, then asked my bud for his phone number. Without thinking, he rattled off the digits while the cashier entered them into the system.
    "I'm sorry, I'm not finding anything on that number, could you repeat it?"
    "xxx-xxx-xxxx" my friend says.
    "Still nothing, what's your last name?"
    "Martin", says my bud.
    "I have a Martin but the phone prefix is xxx, not xxx, as you told me", (cashier)
    "That's ME, you have the prefix wrong, which is a St. Louis prefix", (my bud)
    "Can I see your drivers license, please?" (cashier of course)

    By this time the cashier can see my jaw practically touching the floor. Finally I had to speak up:
    "Is he renting the damn Raisinettes or buying them?"
    She shot me an annoyed look then proceeded to finish the transaction after she was satisfied that the candy purchaser was INDEED who he claimed to be after all necessary forms of documentation had been presented.

    We were both howling as we went back to the car. THIS, friends is how stand up comedians get material. Sheer everyday stupidity.
    When we got into his car, he opened the box, poured himself a handful, then passed it to me. I pushed the box away and said. "No way, man! I don't know what's in those and I might have to go back inside to let them know you offered them to me!"
    Needless to say, that episode was the fodder for a lot of good humor that day and I even texted him to let him know that I was certain that the Raisinettes are due back today!
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