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    Jan 2006
    Golden Isles Of Georgia
    Garrett GTI-2500 w/Sunray Invader GI-1 probe
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    Fiskars is a good brand. I might have to try to find one of those- my old hori-hori knife is twelve years old and showing its age- the handle has three layers of duct tape on it, now.

    The forked point worries me, but I suppose one could file the points down a little where they'd be less likely to damage coins and stuff. Of course, if you use it long enough, the soil will do that for you. The point on my knife is totally rounded, now- as dull as a butter knife. Which is good- I am less likely to scratch a target. Unfortunately the sawteeth on the side of the blade are correspondingly dull- I need to sharpen them.

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    Aug 2006
    The hills of central Kentucky
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    Ive broke so many 2 piece diggers Ive sworn never to buy another,got me a one piece stainless for twenty bucks its a great digger but not very wide so I have to scoop the dirt out by hand,the end of the grip gave out this weekend so gonna try and ducttape a new improved version. I cant believe you have nowhere to hunt out there. I would be trying to get around that Kings Mtn. Do some research I know there is a private(I think) campground really close to it,right across the street as I recall maybe you could hunt in there or somewhere else around it. I know you cant hunt in the park but the Brits were probably camped all around it. My wife grew up in River Hills just south of Charlotte on the lake. I stole her from down there about ten years ago and shes a yankee now :} HH

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    Sep 2006
    Mishawaka Indiana
    Minelab Explorer SE & Garrett Ace 250
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    Fiskars makes al kinds of blades - even for scrapbooking which my wife is into. I saw the same blade at target and made the purchase. It worked quite well for about a 2 weeks till I was in a verrrry trashy area trying to get a smashed can pretty deep out when it broke in half. I threw it in the hole and buried with the can I couldnt retreive !! Then while on eBay one night I found the treasure wise 3 in 1



    it works great !
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    Oct 2004
    East Tennessee
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    Hear it is from good old true value. I don't buy any thing from target they took me on some electronics one time. Long story but I haven not been in a Target since.


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    Jul 2006

    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    I think there are those of us, myself included, that dig with a little more, oh how should I put it GUSTO than others. I bought a $30.00 sand scoop and about tore my hand off the first day out on the sharp edges. I was cussing and bleeding all over the sand. I was bleeding so bad I didn't stay on the beach more than a couple more hours.
    I have friends that are machinist that I'm going to have make me a digger out of 1 piece of 440 stainless and put a kids bicycle handlebar grip on it for a handle. Let me see how fast I can tear that one up! Has anyone destroyed a Lesche yet? I hear they are worth the $30+, so they must be virtually indestructible
    But for those who dig politely, go buy the Fiskars, the price is good, if it tears up take it back.


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    Jan 2006
    SE Louisiana
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    I bought my Fiskars yesterday. Looks sturdy enough for me....tag attached says "Big Grip" with lifetime warranty.
    Save the tag & sells slip...if it breaks, call the 1-800 #.

    My concern "California Proposition 65 Warning...this project contains chemicals known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive harm."

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    Aug 2006
    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
    duh...duh... DFX
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    I broke one of these Fiskars after about two weeks useage. I haven't bothered yet trying to get a now one free.
    I also broke a "Gator" digger that Kellyco sells (copy of a Lesche)

    I finally bought a Lesche on Ebay (was $40 shipped). I am 220 lbs and sometimes a bit heavy-handed on target retrieval. I have LEANED on my Lesche and it does nothing more than flex a bit. This thing is tough. I highly recommend one.
    "The Beauvians are obviously reptilian"
    Riley Martin

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    May 2005
    19 times

    Re: Found at Target tonight!


    My concern "California Proposition 65 Warning...this project contains chemicals known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive harm." ''

    That is only if your cooking with it
    or using it as a eating utensil

    have a good un..............
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    Jul 2006

    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    Just don't cook on it or try to eat your cereal with it and you should be okay...

    Does anyone remember a SNL episode years ago when they did a skit where the EPA or one of the other many watchdog groups was trying to get cotton balls taken off the market because unless you specifically say don't shove three hundred of them in you mouth, you could choke, or if you're driving and shove them in your eye's and ears you can't hear or see and you could wreck.

    Penn and Teller (who I really don't care for) had young ladies dressed in peasant blouses and long skirts go out to parks and earth rallies and get people to sign petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide, (common water) and actually got 1000's of signatures.


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    A swingin' fool

    May 2005
    Hudson Falls, NY
    White's Spectrum XLT---Tinytec Ultraluxe probe
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    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    The blade curve on that digger looks great for cutting small diameter plugs. Nice saw too. I'll have the check it out.

    Currently using a Lesche digger......

    GL & HH,

    [size=16pt]The most fantastic time to be alive is right now[/size]

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    May 2006
    Upstate NY

    Re: Found at Target tonight!

    Hi All, Went out last week and got one of the last ones they had. I already have a solid aluminum digger but for $10.00 what the heck.. It looks sturdy enough and it fits into an old fish scaler sheath I have so it will be easy to hold... Thanks for the advice. Take Care Midnightguy


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