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    Sep 2011
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    The Cure for most cancer and ALL Aids/HIV In black and white

    MMS1 and MMS2, Miricle Mineral Solution

    Don't hear of this too much. I have some at home here and use it for all sorts of ailments from colds and athletes foot to dewormer and just to stay feeling good. However it's uses reach far beyond that. It is a known cure for cancer and aids/HIV. A short google search will turn up many different links, mostly involving Jim Humble who also discovered it's use and spent 5 years testing it in Africa with staggering results.

    Now, why would any country in their right mind want to ban this from the medicinal world?
    By the way, I paid $20 for a 1 year supply.
    Here in Canada it is becoming harder to order in. If you need it or know someone that does grab it while you can. Just thought you all should know.


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    May 2005
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    Re: The Cure for most cancer and ALL Aids/HIV In black and white

    The US govt-corp alliance has been keeping quiet about and/or making cancer cures illegal at least since the '30s. Now we have a cancer epidemic. In USA, the country that spends the most on health care, 30% die from cancer. Worldwide average is 13%. Looks like a plot/plan to me!

    The US govt approved 85,000 toxins for our air, water, soil & food. Most within the last few decades. Anything for the corps that bought them!

    Anecdotal reports say cannabis oil can cure even stage IV cancer within a few months, but most of our law makers & enforcers say cannabis is too dangerous to be legalized, despite 0 proven deaths in about 10,000 years of use by over 1 billion people.

    http://cancertutor.com lists 400 proven cancer cures. But most trust their Dr who claims cutting, burning & poisoning are only hope. Best wishes, George (MN)

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    Sep 2011
    14 times

    Re: The Cure for most cancer and ALL Aids/HIV In black and white

    It absolutely sickens me how the U.S. as well as the Canadian gov deal with the health care. It's a billion dollar industry, more powerful than the government itself.
    Like you said, they are brainwashing people to think that the doctors are gods and are doing everything they can to help us. I can't help myself but to laugh a little when I see the cancer funds at the till.



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