college vs. Trade
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Thread: college vs. Trade

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    Nov 2004
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    college vs. Trade

    Read somewhere someone said "Every one should go to College" Are you better off learning about why bubbles burst, or learning how to fix plumbing or Electrical etc.?

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    May 2008
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    Re: college vs. Trade

    Going to college and getting a degree is like getting a High School Diploma when I was growing up. Everyone needs a degree and then a trade to survive.
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    Nov 2010
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    Re: college vs. Trade

    this is a coin toss for me depending on what field/career you want to follow and what requirements are needed.

    you want to be a Dr.? then you have to take the mandatory courses.

    you want to be an art major? you need courses but unless your last name is Picasso good chance you best have welding/or a nursing career or something like that to fall back on to make some money....unless you are a lucky one to move forward in the art world. which is doubtful for most

    your chosen career path determines how you progress in your education mostly.
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    Feb 2008
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    Re: college vs. Trade

    Learn a trade to keep on earning/eating . Use your spare time to keep on learning .
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    Apr 2011
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    Re: college vs. Trade

    Quote Originally Posted by truckinbutch
    Learn a trade to keep on earning/eating . Use your spare time to keep on learning .
    This is a pretty realistically response here. Hvac, plumbing, electrical, etc... will be around for a long time...well maybe not too much electrical now that they figured out how to make electricity wireless....

    But continuing education I think is important, if not for self improvement then perhaps to improve your ability at a hobby. Automotive courses for the car nuts, maybe geology, anthropology, archaeology, history, physics, chemistry, engineering, geography, mineralogy, etc.. for the treasure hunting type...holy crud you need a four year university to metal detect?

    Seriously though, have any trade/tech schools near you, or willing to travel to attend one? That might be the way to go to get straight into a career, sad part is they are expensive, and student loans add up even with the shorter courses. Some grants, and aid out there though.
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    Jul 2010
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    Re: college vs. Trade

    I think trade schools are the way to. It may be harder to get "rich", but tou won't have to pay an arm and a leg to have someone come to your house and fix things.

    As far as the wireless electricity, Tesla had that figured out 100 years ago, and George Westinghouse had the pull to stop it from happening.

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    Aug 2018
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    Originally Posted by whoknowswhy
    Do I have to pursue a degree in archeology to become a professional treasure hunter? What do you think guys? Why do I need it anyway?
    Or should I just go with the trade school where my brother studied too,
    do my essay projects' application and choose a vocational training course in summer?
    Trade schools are cheaper than colleges. And it's one more benefit. I'm on a tight bughet, cause my parents spent everything on my brother's education.
    Hi there, I got my bachelor's at Smith College and I'm proud of it. Actually, a degree doesn't help you much in treasure hunting, but it can give you at least some chances to find a good job and/or internship where you can practice your skills: for example, I was lucky to do research under the guidance of Bosiljka Glumac (Professor of Geosciences) and we had an opportunity to go abroad and try out our methods there (it was a trip to Croatia).
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    The whole idea of getting a degree is to increase your value to others. A degree that doesn't accomplish that is not worth the money, or effort, unless it's just something you want to do. The situation is even worse if you have to borrow the money to pay for the degree. What you're actually doing is borrowing the money to increase the value of your personal capital. If what you accomplish doesn't increase your value (what you offer) to your fellow citizens, you've wasted the money. In reality, your lifelong earning power is determined more by your intelligence than by the degrees you hold, unless you want to work for the government.

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    Jun 2007
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    2 year Associate Degree in a "Trade" from a community college is best for most ppl, I think. Pretty much start right away in your "field".
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    Sep 2014
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    I chose a trade and became a carpenter. Mostly I worked commercial buildings like hotels and condominiums. Then I found out exactly how the union and politics mixed at the time. I exited the union, but still worked As a carpenter.

    These days you got kids in school with enormous college loans, because like you reiterated- "everyone needs to go to college". But you don't need to go to college when it costs you more than taking a loan out on a house. That's not for me anyways. You got college graduates that are essentially indentured servants. They can't even declare bankruptcy when their degree in lesbian dance theory results in 0% chance of employment in their chosen field. These are the kinds you see working at Subway and Burgerking. They could be working to pay off a house, but instead they live with their parents paying the price of a house for a worthless peice of paper called a degree. Your mileage may vary.
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    Aug 2012
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    Follow your passion and you'll never work. Going and getting a degree won't serve you well w/o purpose. Too many students are too young or unconscious to know. Too many people in the trades don't belong because they have no aptitude for the work.
    So that means a plan. A person can connect their conscious mind with the idea of discovery. I wish I had just to be curious.
    Most people spend more time planning a 2 week vacation than their life. Maybe out of not wanting to guess what might happen. Next time around I'm going to make a plan.
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    My son chose a tech trade school over college.
    Within ten years of his graduation he was making more in one year than I ever did in my career; even with my BS and MBA.
    But there are many things that can be learned in a college that cannot be learned in a tech school; and I'm not referring to just the academics.

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    Aug 2012
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    If you do something for the money you might be selling out. Thing is money is just a way of keeping score for some. I owned an Hvac contracting business before retiring. Many of the trades people don't belong there. Many just fell into the job. Many have little mechanical aptitude.
    When I joined the military I was tested for aptitude. Four categories. Mechanical, administration, general that included many things that could be learned in a day, and I can't remember the last name but it included electronics. I would recommend getting tested to find where your strengths are so you don't end up doing a job your no good at or just average.
    Some parents tell the kid they want them to be a CPA even though the kid can't do math.
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    I have a BS in Business Admin.....

    My drafting diploma made my career, the BS was just bs......
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepseekerADS View Post
    I have a BS in Business Admin.....

    My drafting diploma made my career, the BS was just bs......
    A sheepskin on the wall from one that had a sheepskin on the wall,wait,who gave out the first sheepskin and where did he get his?
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