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    Jan 2005
    Sand Springs, OK
    ACE 250, Garrett
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    What's it worth? You might be surprised!

    I rounded up a bunch of "junque" I had collected over the past five years from my very amateurish metal detecting and took it to a broker just to see what it was worth. What a surprise! I had some silver dimes, a few gold pieces, mostly 10k gold rings and just some old jewelry I had stuffed in a coffee can a few years ago. When it was all added up it came to over $500.00! No, it didn't come near to equaling what I had invested in my equipment, time and expenses. But it sure came in handy for some nagging debts I had accumulated otherwise. And it will help pay for some new equipment I have had my eye on for some time. So, this is the only hobby I have ever had that paid back part of my investment and I am quite surprised and happy about it. Now if I can just figure out how to get it out of my wife's savings account......Monty
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    Oct 2005
    Northern, Michigan
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    Good going, Monty.

    I never did well on gold or silver. My thing was dug collectables. Western to northern Michigan is not going to make anyone rich on precious metal digs. Back in the late 50's to early 70's there was a good amount of silver but gold has always been scarce. I guess the folks in my areas were either too cheap or too careful.

    At one lumberjack site I dug 4 David Ward 19th century lumber tokens and sold them for $365 on ebay. But that was my best dig as far as value goes. I have a jar of Barber and Merc dimes but they're not really worth much. Many are near mint in detail and I couldn't get $2 each for them on ebay so I'll just keep them.

    I did sell a "solid gold" band on ebay for $65 a couple weeks ago. These are usually 75% gold.

    Anyway, just rambling.
    "Everything is an anomaly" Michigan Badger

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    Great post...

    I too have a collection of 'Junque' that I have acquired over the years.

    In fact, at days end, I deposit the spoils into a Gardening Carriage which I keep in my garage. Don't worry, its real purpose sequed years ago into the current venture.

    Anyways, I recently rolled the gardening carriange into the back of my 55 Chevy truk and set sail for the local Mall, the location of Wheelem-Stealem-Dealem, the gold & silver huxters...

    Surpisingly, I walked away with $165.00...for the gardening carriage, that is. Actually made a $12.50 profit...

    All of the junque was quickly depoisited into the nearest trash recepticle.



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