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    The one everybody else missed.

    A lot of people died on the Titaic what about the MV Wilhelm Gustloff

    Quess somethings in history aren't meant to be remembered. God Bless Chris The Titanic x 10!

    Anger is what keeps you emotionally lost in your head and blind to reality.

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    Quess somethings in history aren't meant to be remembered

    college transcripts??

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    touche, onfire

    I do remember reading about it decades ago, but it never left the impression it should have. You have to remember that at the time of the sinking we were at war with Germany and there were more important matters as far as we were concerned. Besides, it was the Russians that sunk her and what happened to that captain was almost as bad.

    Now if George Constanza was a survivor of that wreck, he would have gotten that NY apartment in a heartbeat

    It was still a very interesting read, so thanks

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    The Titanic sinking was so unique in so many ways. The sinking had actually been predicted via "The novella Futility, written in 1898 by U.S. writer Morgan Robertson." Robertson had things so close that it spooks people even today. Also the sinking was predicted via dreams and many other ways.

    Add to this the arrogant attitude, class distinctions, greed, etc., and you have the makings of a story that will always be bigger than life.

    For anything to be big and remembered it must have a big story. There have been many tragic happenings that were up there with the Titanic but due to no real detailed story they're rarely remembered.
    "Everything is an anomaly" Michigan Badger

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    Jul 2009
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    yeah, what MB said I almost forgot about the book about the Titan that was almost identical to the Titanic

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    never heard of it.

    But then I Never would have heard about the titanic if someone didn't mention it

    or the
    Nuestra Señora de la Concepción for that matter

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    The Gustloff was a tragedy beyond the Titanic, she was clearly marked with the red cross markings as she was used as a hospital ship. I have photos of the Gustloff in my KM photo album and whenever I see her it makes me cringe of all the loss of live aboard her.

    Never thought German naval themes were posted here

    a KM nut from New Zealand
    With utmost respect of history

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    different stories. one makes a hit and becomes a movie.

    that is the way with everything in this world. one is glorified and one is lost in archives.

    lives lost on the Eastland, 841
    lives lost on Joola, 1,863
    died on the Empress of Ireland, 1,012

    anyone remember those? (I just googled top 10 shipwrecks and wow, there are scary actually)
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    After reading the rest of the additional stories, all I can say is, the Flying Dutchman must be awfully crowded



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