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Thread: Natural things to try and kill cancer, and cancer preventive methods

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    I recently lost a brother to cancer and I'm losing another in the near future. I have others, some very dear to me, suffering and trying their best to live with it day to day. At least one of those folks is very beautiful and makes some awesome cookies!! To act like getting cancer is no big deal compared to the threats presented by nuclear plants is either cruel, uninformed, just trying to get a rise out of folks, silly or drug related.
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    I have heard that eating apricot seeds will combat cancer. It is supposed to be the the organic equivalent of Laitril.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritRelic View Post
    I just don't see the harm in getting cancer.I mean if it ain't cancer it's something else.Do you really think us humans are worried about some stupid cancer with all these nuclear plants we are building every day around us?Are y'all freaking kidding me.Give me a big dose of cancer please god and put me me out of my misery,you have made me suffer long enough on this crazy planet.Can you believe these people?. :-(
    Be careful of what you wish. Unfortunately, death by cancer is not like passing away in your sleep. It is a slow and painful death. In addition to the cancer victim, it is devastating to family members who have to watch the pain and suffering in a hospital room day after day until the organs start to shut down and the machines have to be unplugged.

    Not meaning to pile on but maybe some education on the subject would change your view. I hope you don't have to see it first hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by packerbacker View Post
    To act like getting cancer is no big deal compared to the threats presented by nuclear plants is either cruel, uninformed, just trying to get a rise out of folks, silly or drug related.
    Thank you for saying what I could never get away with . . . I just sat here staring at the screen in disbelief that some kid who hasn't the sense GOD gave a jackass would say what he did. Insensitive, uncaring and most of all irrational.

    I wouldn't wish that on an enemy --- a Judge maybe, but that's another story.
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    Doctor Warburg go the Nobel prize for his discovery many years ago that cancer gets its nutrition from glucose. Glucose is produced from carbohydrates and from excess protein. Low glucose diets tend to be low carb diets. In the last few years, finally a hospital in Germany tried a "ketogenic" diet on terminal cancer patients. ketogenic diets are diets such as typified by Atkins at the Induction stage. The M.D.s would not let them try the diet until they were essentially declared past any help. Yet out of 25, five actually went into remission. Several died within 72 hours which tells you how sick they had to be to be allowed on the diet. Several preferred death over a diet without sweets.

    I am one who lost over 40 pounds on modified Atkins, and a few weeks ago my b.p. was 108/64. I am 70. It is much easier to get people to listen to the Jesus Salvation message than to cut back on carbs. We are all products of our culture and in our culture we are brainwashed to believe we need a low fat; high carb diet. It really bothers me to see all the suffering and deaths, but after much insults and more I guess everyone gets to name their own poison.

    I do not recommend the old Atkins books. The new one, THE NEW ATKINS FOR THE NEW YOU, makes the diet much safer and more effective.

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    I lost over 40 lbs just by giving up sugar....... I have had no sodas, cakes, pies, cookies, or candy since December 2010.. I do have a small bowl of low fat, no sugar added icecream from time to time, but that is it.......I buy low sugar everything, I check the sugar content of all the foods I buy..........
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    The true cure to any illness is Prayer and placing your life in the hands of god,He will make you well again on earth or end your suffering to bring you into his wonderful kingdom.Either way,You are healed of affliction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treasure_Hunter View Post
    I lost over 40 lbs just by giving up sugar....... I have had no sodas, cakes, pies, cookies, or candy since December 2010.. I do have a small bowl of low fat, no sugar added icecream from time to time, but that is it.......I buy low sugar everything, I check the sugar content of all the foods I buy..........
    It's crazy how much sugar is in american products...It's like the 'magic' ingredient to make everything taste good.

    You know what, I think they even put sugar in the Pounce kitty treats and similar snacks for dogs. That's why they go nutz for them...the same effect can be had from a sugar coated cheerio.

    I used to drink a lot of soda, but haven't had but maybe a handful or so in the last 5 years. When I do drink one, I end up having to drink about a two liter of water just to get un-thirsty again...


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    Stay far away from artificial sweeteners, fast food, foods with preservatives, prepared foods and cigarettes

    - Al Capone

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    You are a fking idiot snake oil salesman A-Hole due !!!

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    Studies seem to contradict studies, at every turn, and what works for one, doesn't/won't for another.
    I can buy, that cancer can come(or be caused) from a fungus. I also know that when the cell replication process is damaged, we make the cancers, as well. Many reasons ppl get different types cancers. There is also a lot of new groundbreaking discoveries and understandings.

    I had a friend with plural cancer, targeted therapy (after chemo fail) seemed to shrink some of her tumors, gave maybe some time. Her chest xrays were so full of tumors, she looked as if she had been peppered by a few shotgun blasts. Her father was also in Hiroshima AT the time of the bomb being dropped (he was one of ours caught there). Her brother has suffered various cancers and leukemia, hep c, and Dog only knows what else.

    Targeted therapies for non-small cell lung cancer

    There was also a new discovery in Australia a month or so ago, about RNA connectors/receptors vs cancer cells, which makes me think of the way the Noni fruit affects the cells. I also like that Polio injection idea, if it will work.....

    Adelaide research opens doors to new cancer hope

    I like morinda citrifolia - Noni fruit. Thousands of yrs old Polynesian medicinal plant. It affects the individual cell with something our body needs to self-repair, affecting the amino acids in the cells. Dr. Bruce Lipton sheds light (as a cell biologists) in his teachings, too. There is something about Noni juice, I've had my own personal experiences, so I know for me, it is a good thing. I can only stand to drink the Morinda brand from Provo Utah, any other brand I use through skin absorption. Scientists Annie Hirozumi(sp?) from Hawaii did research and had cured her dog Brownie of cancers, when she was young with the urging of a parent to give the dog the Noni. Noni is also known to be anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral. It doesn't harm.

    Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. I also know Dr. David Wolfe world renown nutritionist has excellent advice and info on juicing natural plants and substances. He's all over the web and youtube, just search Raw Foods Super Foods David "Avocado" Wolfe. The chaga, and other plants, he is a wealth of info and instructions. We should all be juicing the good foods of the earth, imho.

    I am not familiar with rick60's artemsiminin thingy. Something (inside me) tells me it is effective and does work. the name calling that comes with the advice, I won't swallow, though, as I usually have to remind some folks, to not speak to me, like they do their spouses, parents, or children, I ain't their dog to kick and ain't gonna be subject to their attitudes! Sometimes the WAY you deliver a msg has much to do with HOW it is received.

    Many things/ppl I see/read, makes me a BIG PROPONENT, for higher education, ok, fundamental education, or maybe at least some kinda book learning. (Remember, I too, am guilty of what I accuse others of, at some point and time in lifes. Makes that "judgement" thing kinda a slippery slope, ya know).
    Be good to your body and mind, they are the two greatest tools, you own.
    Good luck all, too.
    Yesterday is history, tomorow a mystery. All we have is the here and now, it's a special gift. That's why we call it "The Present"

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