Marin Luther King had a did I
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Thread: Marin Luther King had a did I

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    Marin Luther King had a did I

    From the land of the Bluenose.....while asleep many of us have dreams that w can't recall some we can while other are just fragments. Here is a vivid dream that I had last night and wish to share with you entitled....."The Boy and the Barrel.
    The young boy stood alone in the street with the rain beating down upon his head. The mud to his ankles. He had a thought and made his way to the end of the street that served as the garbage dump for his community.
    After rum aging through the waste he found a large barrel, a few planks and a set of wheels. With a lab our of love the young boy fashioned what would look to us like a wheel barrel but to the young boy was a taxi. With the remains of some white paint he lettered "taxi" on each side of his "wheelbarrow."
    He proudly walked down the muddy street hauling his taxi and stopped by a wooden wall. A sinister man who had been standing near an ally approached him throwing knifes that whizzed by the young boys head
    embedding in the wall behind. The man from the alley stuck a knife under the young boy's chin and said, "Do you know what I can do with this?
    The young boy raised his head and looked into the eyes of the man from the alley and simply said "Clean fish. Do you want a taxi sir?"
    The man from the alley stepped aside, gathered his knives and returned to his spot near the alley.
    The young boy then went to the small outdoor restaurant and paid for a slice of fish which was given to him on a piece of old newspaper. The young boy walked over to the man near the alley, handed him the fish, grabbed his taxi and walked down the road.
    On the road was an old man laying in the mud. People rushed by ignoring the old man laying in the mud. The young boy stopped his taxi in front of the old man and with all his strength moved the old man off the road and leaned him under a tree that gave shade. "Taxi sir" asked the young boy to which the response was "Water. I need some water." With this request the boy reached into his taxi and gave the old man the only jug of water he had and continued on down the muddy road.
    Outside of a cardboard hut a woman was crying and holding an infant in her arms. The young boy hauling the taxi stopped, looked into the mother's eyes feeling her pain and told the lady that he would take care of her infant. The mother looked into the eyes of the young boy and slowly handed the wrapped infant to the young boy who put the baby in his taxi. The young boy went to the field where he listened to a man of religion talk to the masses each Sunday. The young boy could not understand the intangible words spoken by the man of religion but could feel their warmth. The young boy handed the dead infant to the man of religion who held it to his chest and spoke the words that produced warmness, smiled at the boy, turned and went into the forest at the end of the field.
    The young boy returned to his hut which was just big enough for his taxi, a fire and for him to lie next to it.
    A new day and the young boy hauls his taxi down the muddy road. A group of youths not of his community come towards him. They block his pass. They begin to taunt him, push him. The young boy falls to the ground. They overturn his taxi. The group of youths not from this community begin to kick the young boy......suddenly stopping.....they leave. The young boy looks up and sees the man from the alley looking down at him...he leaves....returning to his spot near the alley. the young boy straightens up his taxi and continues down the road.
    The young boy sees a group of children playing happily in the road. The road filled with mud. One falls. A young girl. She had stepped into a deep puddle on the muddy road and hurt her leg. The young boy approaches her and looks into her eyes filled with pain and says "taxi." The little girl in pain nods her head and limps into the taxi and points to hut at the far side of the road. The young boy pulls his taxi through the muddy road to the hut. A mother appears from the hut and seeing her child runs over to the taxi and swoops up her injured daughter, looks in disgust at the young boy and retreats into the hut. The young boy returns to his hut which is just large enough for his taxi, and a fire to lie by. Hungar dancing in his belly.
    The young boy awakes next morning with a chill. The once muddy roads are frozen. A blanket of white. The young boy hauls his taxi from the hut and begins down the road well known. Late that night he returns to his hut that is just big enough for his taxi, and a fire to lay by.
    An old man suddenly wealthy. Wealthy at the expense of a relative passing away is taxied down the street that was once muddy but now covered in snow finds the hut of the young boy who hauls the taxi. He enters the hut to find the taxi and the young boy laying by the fire that has long since gone out. A glow fills the hut. Not from the fire but from the heart of the young boy who is now forever at sleep. The old man sits in the taxi and with his last breath he speaks the word taxi. A glow emits from his heart.
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