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Thread: Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarretDiggingAz View Post
    "If" we were to put names on the list. Does that mean we are then to be put in FEMA camps? I've heard about them and seen the articles about how they (FEMA) has more power than the congress and president. It was quite disheartening to actually see information on it. You can look it up. Now I don't jump into conspiracy thinking, but I did find it interesting. After all, everything on the NET is true. Right?
    I'm all for impeaching him. Just don't think it'll be done. Especially since the system moves fast for justice.
    The real issue, I believe, is the lifer congressmen. Or the fact that they won't vote for anything good, if it's from the other party. They should drop party affiliation as soon as being elected. Instead of being on one particular side of the track. Now I know there are some good people in Congress. Just wish the senior members would let the juniors actually vote the way they want.
    I may be wrong, but that's what I've noticed.
    Why do you think that they want to know where all the guns are? Simple, so they can come get them, and then you will have no way to fight back against them when they do come to get you to put you in the Camps.....Study passed history,,,it's clear on this issue,,,,and REMEMBER HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My name as well is already on a lot of petitions, I am sure as well I am on at least one black list. Obama, has his kill list (Americans included), and I have my list (impeachment, recall petitions). I will not be silent................Mr. Obama you might as well move on if your looking for someone to cower and bow to you, as I will simply and very impolitely tell you were to go and what you can do with yourself!
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    I know I'm on a list. Bought a gun several times. Everytime I filled out the paperwork I just shook my head. All the personal info going to a computer somewhere. If they'd want to start taking the guns. They'd know exactly who had what. At least big brother knows what to prepaid for when they go door to door. Lol. (I had to laugh at that, cuz that happened in Europe prior to WW2)
    Don't think it'd go that far, but you never know. I've heard for years about a civil war coming. Honestly, hoping it doesn't happen in my lifetime. Let alone my kids.
    I wish people would realize that these so called politicians aren't there for us. They're there to get their free money, insurance and title. They aren't like everyday citizens (businessmen, contractors, laborors, etc.) who worked hard for their money. Most of them were/are lawyer types. Looking to squeeze us into submission.
    Now I'm not going to say "all" of them are bad. Some were soldiers, and are still trying to do good. It's just they're outnumbered by vast majority.
    Now if they want to start doing background checks to do ammo purchases. That'll be the day. We're having the crossroads gun show this weekend. You can guess where I'll be. Along with 20,000 others.


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