caches — containing guns, zip ties and other supplies used to dispose of bodies
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    caches — containing guns, zip ties and other supplies used to dispose of bodies

    Trying to unlock secrets of dead serial killer
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The suspect, hands and feet shackled, fidgeted in his chair, chuckling at times as he confessed to a brutal killing.

    Israel Keyes showed no remorse as he described in merciless detail how he'd abducted and strangled an 18-year-old woman, then demanded ransom, pretending she was alive. As the two prosecutors questioned him, they were struck by his demeanor: He seemed pumped up, as if he were reliving the crime. His body shook, they said, and he rubbed his muscular arms on the chair rests so vigorously his handcuffs scraped off the wood finish.

    In 40 hours of interviews over eight months, Keyes talked of many killings; authorities believe there were nearly a dozen. He traveled from Vermont to Alaska hunting for victims. He said he buried "murder kits" around the country so they would be readily accessible.

    More Known About Serial Killer Israel Keyes Prior to Funeral | KTVA CBS 11 | Anchorage, Alaska News and Weather | Israel Keyes Investigation Coverage
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    Wow that is a screwed up individual.. Terrible for the people that this man hurt and the torment he put them through.. This is just a sick person that in my opinion should have suffered to the fullest extent for what he did.. In situations like this obtaining information by force should not be illegal...

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    RELAX! The guy is DEAD, already... SUICIDE!



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