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    Nov 2004
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    Blackjack lesson

    Took the morning off and decided to visit the local casino to play some blackjack. Only table with a over 5$ mim. had a 6 deck shoe. Played heads up First shoe I'm up. First out of the 2nd shoe I get a pair of 8's dealer shows a 2.. I split catch a 3 on the first 8 double down catch a 9.. 2nd 8 I get another 8 I split catch a 10 3rd 8 I get a A That's 20, 18, 19. All good hands. Dealer flips a 2 for a 4 count. then 2222AAA6 Wow a eleven card 21 needless to say short day. Had to be a record. If I had a tail you know where it would be.
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    Jul 2012
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    I play a lot of poker on line, and am always amazed at the 2 outers that show up to knock me out. Or runner runner flush, straight, etc.......I wish I could quit, but I'm having fun, and winning just enough to keep playing.
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    My brother tried to get me into blackjack.. It's not for me whould rather search coins or use the money for gas to go detecting or to a flea market.. Sorry to here about your luck though...
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    How disappointing to see this is about a card game.

    In the the words of Crocodile Dundee, that ain't Blackjack, this is a Blackjack, with a real lesson to boot



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