Parking/Posting Spot Reserved Parking times: 10:00AM to infinity.
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Thread: Parking/Posting Spot Reserved Parking times: 10:00AM to infinity.

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    Nov 2012
    Super-Skunksville x1000.
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    C R H 'N

    Parking/Posting Spot Reserved Parking times: 10:00AM to infinity.

    2013 Chrsyler 300 series, Color: Black. Plate name EMINEM, state of origin, Michigan. Expected time of arrival 10:00 AM, EST.

    Name:  EMINEM.jpg
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    I'd of been pulling in about the same time, but I negotiated a deal if'n you know what I mean. Welcome back em. and please everyone, the first reply to this thread is reserved for the aforementioned person and his car, wait till he posts before you do.

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    The early weasel gets the kill

    Aug 2012
    Eastern Seaboard
    Bounty Hunter- Quick Silver (I know, I am a novice, give me a break! :P)
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    i hear his boxes aren't getting stamped "silver-free" anymore! this is fantastic news!

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    Aug 2012
    New England
    556 times
    Coin Roll Hunting!
    This has nothing to do with CRH.


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    Jul 2011
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    Welcome Em! Please Hammer don't hurt'em!

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    Jan 2013
    North central Pa.
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    What nobody waited for the aformetioned person...LOL.. Go figure..
    God made man.. Sam Colt made them equal

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    Nov 2012
    Super-Skunksville x1000.
    1110 times
    C R H 'N
    He is an established member of the site, frequently posts/comments, it has alot to do with coin roll hunting. Wicka, I recall you created a thread entitled "Wicka's back" or something similar, imagine if I said that had nothing to do with coin roll hunting? I wanted to give him a public welcome back. If other members went missing for a while ie sag, Cladsmoke, Timzim, I'd do the same exact thing; give them a welcome back. If you don't want to give a welcome back, you are free not to post, I figured he was going to create a thread anyways, might as well make him happy by already starting one.

    Also, RPG, why would this 'escalate to something ridiculous'? I was expecting Eminem to post first, followed by several welcome backs. I was not going to 'circle jerk' or escalate this to something ridiculous, I'm not even sure why you had to post your comment, I personally found it one of the rudest replies I've seen.
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    Jul 2006
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    Thread was moved was not coin hunting....

    Remember no attacks....

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    Moving forward! "WP"

    Jun 2011
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    How exciting.......
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