New fishing kayak nightmare...
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    Jun 2013
    Windsor Ontario
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    New fishing kayak nightmare...

    Hi, a couple weeks ago I purchased a new kayak from a guy on craigslist. This was a hobie mirage revolution kayak (you pedal with your feet instead of paddle) that would run for about $2200+ in Canada and I scooped it up for $1150 with about $250 in accessories. I thought to myself, "Man what a killer deal." I was very happy, and I was dying to take it out for a spin. A few days later I am out on the water and I am flying in this thing at good speeds (4-5mph) which would be hard maintain with a paddle. I am just messing around and noticed the clouds were quite dark and the waves were getting nasty so I decided to stop at this island that's about 750 feet from the beach I entered the water.

    While at the island I was getting ready to start trolling with my kayak. This was something I could not do on my other kayak because it was not hands free and I was constantly paddling.

    After the clouds past I set back into the water with both my rods in the water. I was getting a little scared as to why the waves were rocking me so much. I then quickly forgot as I was having a blast peddling around. It was until I heard something moving inside the hull of my kayak that raised a red flag. In between my legs I have a hatch to the hull which I quickly open.

    It was when I opened the hull I just about sh*t my pants. My hull was half full with water and I was an easy 300 feet out from shore. Yes, I was wearing a life jacket but if this thing capsizes there she goes. It was an easy 20 feet deep with very long weeds where I was. I say to myself "The hell with this." I then start peddling as fast as I can back to land. Once I make it back and on the land I quickly try to pull the kayak up. Once out of the water, the normally 70 pound kayak, has at least 75 to 100 pounds of water in it...

    I thought to myself, "Where the hell is there a crack that big for the water to get in that fast?" After reviewing where the peddling drop in and lock I see a 2 inch crack.

    Long story short, this thing was purchased in 2010 and had a 2-year warranty. I just ordered a new hull and that cost my a nice fat $713... A side from that I am still under the $2200 cost and now my baby will be brand new Although the deal is not that killer anymore

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    Jul 2012
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    It's still a killer deal dude. You would never have had that much fun and terror sitting on the couch watching some commercial infested TV show. Just think how much fun you're gonna have. Fishing, paddling to places other treasure or artifact hunters can't get too. Only room for you and not the old lady. Just have fun, fun, fun till yo mama takes your kayak away...

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    Jun 2013
    Windsor Ontario
    Current: Tesoro silver umax, Whites Spectrum XLT Past: Garrett ace 250
    59 times
    Relic Hunting
    Yup, lol the island has quite some history on it too that I stopped at.



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