Mayor Is Suing Family Over Epic Christmas Light Display
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    Mayor Is Suing Family Over Epic Christmas Light Display

    Mayor Is Suing Family Over Epic Christmas Light Display ? Watch Jesse Watters Catch Her Completely Off-Guard Outside Grocery Store |

    Dec. 18, 2015 11:45am Billy Hallowell

    Fox News’ Jesse Watters took a trip down to Plantation, Florida, this week to cover a battle that’s been unfolding for quite some time between a local family and government officials surrounding an annual Christmas light display.

    The massive annual show, known as “Hyatt Extreme Christmas,” is run by Kathy and Mark Hyatt at their home, and has become a must-see tradition for many locals over the past two decades.

    But it seems that some government officials are anything but impressed, as Watters reported that they’re suing to shut it down.

    Watters ended up approaching Plantation Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic as she was exiting a grocery story to ask her about the ongoing litigation — and as you can imagine, she wasn’t too thrilled to encounter him.

    “Merry Christmas. We wanted to know why are you suing a family for having Christmas lights on their house?” Watters asked, with Bendekovic responding that she can’t comment due to “pending litigation.”

    But the Fox News producer — known for his comical video encounters — said that the Florida Bar Association says that officials can comment so long as they “don’t prejudice one side or the other.” Again, she wasn’t moved to share any viable information.

    “This isn’t a very good of taxpayer money, going after home owners for a few Christmas lights, is it?” Watters pressed. “I don’t think Santa’s going to be happy with you.”

    While definitive information about the lawsuit wasn’t offered up, Bendekovic did make it clear that she thinks that Watters is in no position to speak for Santa Claus.

    “I don’t think you should be voicing your opinion what Santa wants and what Santa doesn’t want,” she shot back.

    Watch the encounter below:
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    We had a similar situation here. It was called the Bugg House. That is actually the peoples name, Bugg. They had been putting the lights up for years along with lots of motorized gadgetry.

    I went to see years ago and realized no emergency crews would ever be able to get through the crowd and cars.

    The Bugg's had to shut it down because of this problem and that not all their neighbors found it a good idea anyway. The crowds were huge. Another site was found and now another but the show goes on.
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