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Thread: Has anyone made their own tin cloth garments?

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    Apr 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by boogeyman View Post
    Please! Be very careful with anything involving mineral sprits and open flames !!!!!!!!! Are you sure about the ingredients I've pulled up toilet rings that were 45+ years old that were still gooey & sticky. Don't know why but it feels to me like you're being sent on a snipe hunt.

    Go to Walmart, Kmart, and some sporting goods stores and ask for the water proofing sprays. Get the cheap one that comes in a yellow and black can. Spray three or four coats on your pants let it completely dry between coats + an extra coat or two down the seams. I've sprayed a couple military field jackets and a pair of pants this way and it was still beading water 3 or 4 years later. HINT - If you do a jacket make sure you don't miss on the arm pits!!! Melted snow under the arms is a real wake up when you don't expect it. Just for *hits & giggles you could try that spray rubber they advertise can make an air boat out of window screen. If it doesn't get a refund!
    Thanks for the remarks. This is an ongoing experiment. The process is already done and the results were great. Please see the rest of the thread for a full run-down.

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    Diamond Dan-
    your the man. Thanks for posting your trial and results. I first wore Filson tins 20 years ago, had them for 15 years of great use. About 5 years ago they started going cheaper on the fabric and I can't get a pair of pants to last 2 years. I guide pheasant hunts in SD and I wish I had a cheaper alternative to buying Filson (no longer all USA made)
    The best Benifits are a fabric that cuts wind but won't snag on brush, they are waterproof but you cannot wash them in a washing machine. I wash mine by hand.
    Are your tins broken in? Are you dipping more gear?Click image for larger version. 

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    Apr 2016
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    Yep! My tins are broken in. The smell finally wore out of them after about 6-8 trips to the blind. Frankly, the pants are bad ass. Totally waterproof and windproof, but I'm not going to be sitting in a puddle with them anytime soon. Went out in -10 degree weather with wind and sleet to knock some birds down, and they performed flawlessly. Probably gonna coat them again when I get a chance. The solution soaked into the fabric, but it has lost a little waterproofing in the knees where I have knelt down in them a lot.

    I haven't done any other gear yet, but I plan on doing so when things calm down and I have some free time away from work. Bottom line: The most expensive part of this whole operation is the clothing that you will be treating. It's dirt cheap and the results are outstanding! Thanks for the reply!
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    Dan, thanks for the update. And Highnam, thanks for reviving the thread. Was wondering some months ago if there had been any updates, but there hadn't.

    Didn't get a chance to do my clothing last year. What VERY few days we had warm enough to work in, were too full of bugs. Was a horrible season, for sure! Will have a shop to work in next time around, so will try to remember to post in my results. Have been rummaging over various ideas using this treatment, and wondering why it has to be limited to clothing? Seems like it would also work for untreated wood. We don't have insects that will damage wood like they do down south. Only have to protect against water, as we have an exceptionally high water table! So have been thinking that maybe I could use leftover solution to treat some lumber, like on a small trailer, for example.

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    Apr 2016
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    White's M6; Tesoro Compadre; Bounty Hunter QD2
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    Not sure about lumber, but I don't see why it wouldn't work well. I treated my leather hunting boots with the little bit that was left over and it worked like a champ.


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