I was wondering about what to do with my cleaned clad finds :)
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Thread: I was wondering about what to do with my cleaned clad finds :)

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    Digging in the dirt & scooping in the water!

    I was wondering about what to do with my cleaned clad finds :)

    Restaurant faces backlash after shaming teen who paid bill with quarters | Fox News

    By Alexandra Deabler | Fox News

    A restaurant was slammed on Facebook after commenting on a teen who paid his bill mostly with quarters.

    Beer 88 in Lynchburg, Va., posted a photo on a now-deleted Facebook page, with the caption “’How NOT to pay at a restaurant,’” along with the hashtags “we are beer 88 not a coinstar,” and “no home training.”

    The joking Facebook post did not go over well with Beer 88’s audience, sparking major backlash against the restaurant with customers – especially Cohen Naulty, the 17-year-old who had paid his $45 restaurant bill and left a $10 tip with a $20 bill, and quarters.

    “It’s just U.S. currency," Naulty told ABC News affiliate WSET in Lynchburg. "I’m allowed to use it. It’s not Illegal. I’m not doing anything wrong.”

    Naulty told the outlet he was at the restaurant because he wanted to take the tips he earned as a server at Country Kitchen and treat his friends to a meal. His friends were just as surprised as he was to learn their payment method had been put up on Facebook.

    "We couldn't believe they posted it on Facebook," one of his friends said to WSET.

    Beer 88 responded to the criticism with a statement, which has also been removed, ABC News reported:

    “In response to our earlier post, it was posted as a joke, intended as a joke and should be taken as a joke," Beer 88 wrote on its Facebook page. "It was posted as a light-hearted way of saying that something like this can be annoying to people that work in the restaurant/retail industry. In no way did we publicly shame ANYONE for paying OR tipping. We try to keep our page funny and relatable. And had no idea that this would be offensive to anyone.”

    However, Naulty and his family did not find the post funny.

    “They said we didn’t have any home training," said another one of Naulty’s friends to WSET. "That was dirty. That was one their hashtags was #nohometraining."

    “If anybody met Cohen, they know it couldn’t be farthest things from the truth," Kim Naulty, Cohen’s mother, told WSET. "And, you know, he’s a good kid.”

    Beer 88 owner Yao Liu told WSET she has been receiving many threats since the post went up and that she apologizes for the post.

    “On that part, yes, I do apologize," Liu told WSET.

    Liu and several customers feel the post has been blown out of proportion. One patron said she hoped the issue resolves itself because the restaurant owners are “friendly people.”

    “People kind of hopped on the hate train," Beer 88 supporter Carol Henning told KSET, "which seems to be happening these days."

    Beer 88 did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Though Naulty told WSET he did not think he would return to the restaurant, he said the incident has made him want to create something positive.

    “I love paying for people’s meals even if I have to scrape together my last quarters to do so. This whole thing made me realize how much I love doing this and why...,” Naulty wrote on a Facebook page called “The Quarter Boy.”

    Naulty has started a fundraiser campaign aimed at treating someone “once a week” to a free meal.

    “We will post videos so that you can see too how big a change just a little ‘change’ can make,” Naulty wrote of his new initiative.
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    it is US currency and he is allowed to use it i would go do it again for just for fun
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    Ahhhhh Social Media....and this is why I don’t deal with that crap.

    great story!

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    My solution to high gas prices (back when it hit $4.00/gal) was to use my dumps (from coin roll hunting) to pay for my gas.

    Really ticked off the folks at the payment counter.

    Hey, if I'm going to tote the heavy burden of high prices, they can tote my coins back to the bank for me. I enjoyed counting out almost $70.00 in Kennedy halves to pay for a tank of gas in my Ford Ranger.

    BTW, (and this is important) NEVER PAY WITH ROLLED COINS! Always pay with loose ones, even in a restaurant setting.

    As Gold Boy said, it is U.S. Currency and therefore "legal tender for all debts - public and private."
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    I turn in my clad when it piles up and I buy Gold and silver bullion
    It stores better that way Which is why I prefer to collect watches not cars!
    Anything That Comes Out of The Dirt Is Awesome!

    Best find 1941 Patek Philippe 2 register flat pusher Chronograph Bought 1,000 Sold 62,000 !!
    First Year 911 Porsche Purchased 36K SOLD 140K!!! Whoo Hoo

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    Great ,now I can quit leaving the dollar in quarters for a tip to go with one dollar bills when I'm short.
    That'll help.
    Crazy people......

    I used to work in a restaurant. Not a cheap one.
    When some one tipped workers beyond servers it was a gesture that was well received. Had it been in coin ,So what? Some one acknowledged good service.
    I still tip a cook on occasion. Have never done so with change but that is where the waiter/waitress will most often encounter some quarters to get to the amount I want to give them.
    It's how much ,not what denomination!

    Service today averages poor. As well as institutional food stocks being the norm.
    I'd be willing to critique the restaurant in the article, for a small fee. Coins as payment would be welcomed. With a laugh.
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    Sep 2009
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    The best thing I found was that CoinStar doestn charge you for using it for Amazon Credit. I typically pull in around 350-500 bucks a year.....so around Xmas time, it helps out tremendously for the kiddos gifts.

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    Like giving all the coins to a clerk there just an employee why make him suffer. Reallly

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    (Free Shipping)

    SEE: TreasureNet Bumper Stickers

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    ? Quarters ? Cool .

    I like to dump Penny's to pay for the debt , (up to 50 Cent).
    As I am finding , In life we begin having the Blissful happiness & the Wonder & innocence of a Child, then fall Quickly, then spend the rest of our lives trying to reach that point where we began ,through Pleasure , Fame, & Materials but Only 'Through true faith in Jesus , can we find Prefect Happiness or true Meaning in our Short lives on this Beautiful Earth filled with both the Light of Pure goodness & The Darkness of Pure Evil. D.

    That Said, I judge No Man.

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    It is bonehead ownership like this that helped me put my children though college, as a public relations professional. A dumb mistake made worse. Instead of being used to create good feelings about the restaurant after a spin cycle by a professional in a new release, the owner tripped and fell over his first one with a lame excuse. Typical.



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