I need some auto CB Radio installation advice. I figured some of you guys have CBs.
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    I need some auto CB Radio installation advice. I figured some of you guys have CB's.

    I need some auto CB Radio installation advice. I figured some of you guys have CB radios.

    I have had several CB radios many years ago so I know the general info about CB Radio. I Know how to tune an antenna. But I donít know much about modern CB radios and installing them on more modern cars like my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder.

    I am planning to get a new Cobra 29 LX with a K40, K30 magnetic antenna and use a cigarette lighter plug for power. I plan to place the unit on the driverís side left dashboard on a padded cloth and secured it via the uppermost left side speaker grill with thin wire to keep it from moving around. I will run the antenna cable through the bottom of the lift gate and along the floor up to the driverís side dash board.
    This installation will have no permanent cosmetic impact on my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder.

    My primary use is to listen to the truckers for Interstate road condition speed trap reports in my travels.

    I want the CB radio just below eye level at windshield level because the Cobra 29 LX has a rather large display for many functions and I donít want to be looking down under the dash with a more traditional installation or use an invasive mounting technique that will damage the headliner.

    The unit has an automatic noise limiter, but what I donít know is how effective are these ANLs on a car like my Nissan.
    I remember in the past Ford vehicles produced a lot of electrical noise and you had to by a noise limiting capacitor kit to kill the engine electrical noise.
    What about Nissanís? Are they noisy from an electrical sense? If so what do you do?

    I plan on placing the antenna about 3/4 of the way towards the back since I want the ground plane effect to give me more forward directional range since I am interested in hearing about the traffic ahead of me not behind me.

    Anyone with CB experience who sees and flaws in this plan please let me know. My cost will be about $150.


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    Since your not doing a hard instal I would just place the antenna on the roof and plug it in and start the motor to see if you have any engine noise. if you do you need a filter. also make sure you do not coil the antenna wire.



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