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    Jun 2012
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    You need a sprinkle trained on the front door step, with an on/off switch by your bed.

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    Jun 2006
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    The sprinkler idea is OK but believe it or not if they slip and fall in the water you're liable But on the other hand if you throw one down the stairs after telling them at least three times to get off your property I guess it's OK.

    Back in the 70s the Mormon missionaries were a lot more aggressive. I had a couple show up to wake me from a blazing hangover. The guy actually stuck his foot in the door!!! Well, I pulled the door open & caught him by his throat and shoved him down the stairs. Awhile later there's a loud pounding on the door. Luckily I didn't have anything in my hand to do something stupid with, it was a cop. All he wanted to know was how many times I had asked them to leave and if I wanted to press charges for trespass. WOW! He told them to leave & told me "Next time call us. We don't much care for them either." Blew me away! Up to that point that was the coolest thing a cop ever said to me.

    Another little known fact. If you have a wrought iron or picket gate on your porch and they open it to knock on your door that meets all the criteria for breaking & entering or burglary depending on your jurisdiction even if it is ajar. Think I'm kidding? Ask my ex wife...........
    I know it's here, just need a bigger coil!

    I think I know what my last words will be....
    "Hold my beer and watch this!"

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    Mar 2013
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    When I retired and came home, I went to the church of my childhood a few times. I didn't like the preacher AT ALL, so I chose a different church where I felt welcome.

    My driveway is a very rough kilometer long.

    And danged! That preacher came up and knocked on my door, wanted me to come to "his" church. So, I told him that I quit going to that church because I didn't like HIM.

    He hasn't been back up since.
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    Sep 2011
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    Simple solution posted here: Youtube es Kaput! Everytime I turn around, there's an ad breaking in

    No ads. Pages load faster, enjoy my browsing much more.
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    Aug 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff of pa View Post
    I despise No Trespassing Signs even more then I do, Pain in the Arses.

    What really gets my dander up with these door to door Preachers is when they Pound
    me out of Bed like
    It's the end of the world If I Don't answer. The one today Knocked Politely,
    I almost answered, But something said wait till They leave.
    for one, there were No Vehicles Out back & 2 I wasn't expecting anyone.
    Get a large dog. One the barks like maniac and drowns out anything they are saying
    You could put a speaker above the door, and blast loud obnoxious music at them until they leave.
    You have to be careful about answering the door nowadays.
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    You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us-Sappho

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    Only boaring people get board

    Nov 2018
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    Last time the Jehovahs stopped by I had them help me move some desk and book shelves it was great!! lol that was 3 years ago and they havent bin back since....
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    Jun 2012
    M-6, pro pointer, pistol probe
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    Maybe a door bell that plays a vicious dog barking.

    ....or just post my picture, tgar should take care of them.

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