I see where Nike has their Priorities Set!
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Thread: I see where Nike has their Priorities Set!

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    I see where Nike has their Priorities Set!

    Yes, with all going on across our country and around the world with the Covid 19 virus I see where Nike has their Priorities set. I hear they are releasing their newest line of shoes in honor of Kolbe Bryant, called the Mamba if I heard right. Yes, with millions of Americans out of work and struggling to make ends meet, let's be the first to drive to the shoe store and drop $ 400.00 on a pair of their latest release. This isn't about honoring the memory of Mr. Bryant, but lining their corporate pockets. GREED. And what timing.....just before the release of the stimulus checks. I had a nice pair of Nike shoes a few years back until Nike threw their support to CaperChick. Remember him? The washed up ball player? I then learned just how fast a pair of leather Nike tennis shoes could burn....and did in our fire pit. I hope these shoes rot on store shelves....but they won't. JMHO

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    Not really a surprise......

    People got $1200 in Trump money comin soon, extra unemployment, and I'll bet more in the future.

    I'm sure many would rather have the $400 shoes, than save it for the coming depression, pay a bill, feed the family, or something boring like that.

    I mean, honestly.....fast food seems to be booming. Ther are still people that blow their money on convenient goodies, than hold it in case things get economically worse.
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    Nike answers only to their master, China.

    I'll bet the weed, liquor and tattoo stores here have a boom in business the next few weeks.

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