Worlds deepest wreck found after 75+ years
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Thread: Worlds deepest wreck found after 75+ years

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    Worlds deepest wreck found after 75+ years

    What a sensational battle the USS Johnson put up.
    I recall reading about this as a kid, and numerous times thereafter. From what I recall [am not the type to google up wiki to spiff up my memory], the US fleet was heavily outgunned after Halsey took the main fleet, including most carriers and all battleships, northwest chasing after a Jap decoy fleet. This allowed the IJN main battle fleet to burst in, leaving the US invasion craft and transports of the Leyte invasion fleet highly vulnerable.
    Against hopeless odds, numerous US ships lurched into the breech, none more so than USS Johnson, which was undaunted and launched frenzied attacks against the vastly superior force. Finally brought to bay and nearly blown out of the water, the captain of a Japanese cruiser was said to have called the crew to attention, and saluted the Johnson as it slipped beneath the waves, still firing.

    Nimitz was furious that Halsey was left holding the bag 100's of miles away from the action, and sent him a message saying [words to the effect] WHERE ARE YOU AND THE FLEET ? STOP THE WORLD WONDERS STOP"
    Halsey is said to have actually cried receiving this seeming reprimand from CINCPAC and rushed back to Leyte, too late to have any impact on the battle. The **** were greatly rattled by the spirited defense, and left before they could do major damage to the vulnerable invasion fleet.

    World's deepest shipwreck USS Johnston is mapped for the first time as US explorers in submarine reach remains of WWII destroyer FOUR MILES below the surface

    • A submersible piloted by Caladan Oceanic has fully mapped the wreckage
    • The expedition holds the record of being the deepest shipwreck dive in history
    • Victor Vescovo, who led the dive, said the ship is remarkably well intact
    • USS Johnston is famed for her bravery when outnumbered by the Japanese navy
    • The ship was sunk in Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944 and 186 men were killed
    • Previous record for deepest shipwreck was a German vessel found at 18,904ft
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