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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    Same goes for Washington State! It sucks! How are we ever going to live!
    Anyone can make life interesting you just have to go out there and do things instead of sitting on your butt doing nothing. Second quote: Life is about trying new things not just standing around.

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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    I used to respond in a squad car with a radio, a phone, run checklists, make lightning fast decisions, have a computer on, direct other units, and have a siren going... sometimes (rarley) all at once - it can be a bit much at times - Thankfully I was trained, and I never had a problem.

    Yet every day I watch ALMOST a million (maybe more...) accidents... it's a young driver on a cell phone.

    I do NOT think there should be a law - but I DO think there should be incredible penalties if you cause an accident and were on the phone at the time.

    Once again - everybody pays for the stupid people's inability to control themselves.

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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    hey all,
    I saw on the news that the first offense is a $20 fine and the 2nd is $50. However I did hear that IF you are in a accident and they can PROVE that you were on the phone ( your phone records ), then yes you can be held liable in a criminal and civil court. They also said that there is nothing outlawing texting which the cops said is just as bad. Imean I can remember a time when there was no answering machines, cellphones, pagers and everyone did fine... Or am I just getting toooo old..


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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    Forgetabouit... texting is MUCH worse.

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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    Quote Originally Posted by TreasureTales
    The state is going about this all wrong, IMO. It's not the handheld phone that is the problem, it's trying to talk and drive simultaneously that creates the hazards. It takes concentration to drive safely and it takes concentration to carry on a conversation. Better to ban talking on phones while driving rather than merely holding phones. I can hold a bottle of water while driving without any trouble, but I cannot carry on a conversation with a passenger without sacrificing either my driving skills or my communication skills.

    Just don't talk when driving - that will solve a lot of problems.

    As for me, I seldom use a cellphone. I am from the era when phones were black, they had a dial, and they had a long cord tethering them to the wall - and there was only one phone in the whole house.
    Good points TT...

    The following comments are not directed to you so don't get your blue hair in a tither

    Women, use their hands while talking, which especially compounds the distractiion problem, while driving and talking to a companion...

    Look Ma, no hands on the wheel...add to that, women by nature, must face those being talked to...

    Therefore, all women should be ticketed by the CHP or local police when they are found driving with a passenger...

    Simple logic tells you that they do not have control of the vehicle because driving interrupts normal conversation

    Therefore, women drivers are a hazard to public health...

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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    And I thought I was old

    Yeah, I recall talking through a Campbells Soup can with a soaped string...(except you could actually hear the persons voice since they were on a few feet away)

    In the olden days, we had party lines and where each party had a different ring combinatiion...3 rings was the Ploosters up the road a peice, and so on.

    So if I put on some sunglasses, you won't see how old I am...Oh, and a cap to cover the grey hair

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    Re: California Cell Phone Use in Vehicles

    i did that can and string thing too. fun! those party lines were garbage. i guess the best at the time. i would be sweet talkin' the flowers and some body would get nosy.
    if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!


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