Terrorism at home
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    Terrorism at home

    Ever feel like the country is being held hostage by a bunch of thugs? I do. They were once faithful servants of this great country, but no more.

    Terrorists are holding the American public HOSTAGE. I'm not talking about Al Qaeda either. These are home grown terrorists. Their roots are in this country, although some now live abroad. Their religious beliefs are of no concern, as all of their gods are the same one.

    The golden altar they all worship at is built on the fear some have of displeasing them.

    Why doesn't someone put a stop to this? Who can end their assault on the American people?

    Can President Bush or Congress stop them? Probably, but they won't. Sometimes, these terrorists appear to wield more power than this government.

    Can you or I make a break for it on our own? Probably not.

    If anyone talks of making an effort to put an end to the tyranny of these terrorists someone is always willing to defend them. They are afraid that if we upset the terrorists, they will try to starve us to death. Why? Simply because they have done it before.

    Many are scared and few will speak up against the terrorists. They are willing to see our way of life destroyed, our economy in shambles, our children going hungry --- rather than taking on these horrible people.

    The terrorists lie to us, and most Americans fall for their lies hoping to get some crumb from the terrorists table --- instead they just laugh at us. They are there when we get up, and when we lie down. Through all of this, they touch our lives. Perhaps that is why so many are afraid to upset them.

    I'm talking about the Oil companies. I used to work for them until about a year ago.

    When are we going to stop these bullies? That is really what all terrorists are. They abuse their power, they destroy others in pursuit of their goals, and any attempt to reign them in is always met with threats of more harm being done to those they are already harming.

    Windfall Profits. That is what they are earning. The more than 4 fold rise in profits by Exxon / Mobil and the other terrorists since Katrina needs to be reigned in. Are you willing to let them destroy this country in an effort to make sure they don't interrupt the supply?

    Speculators have aided and abetted in this attack on the United States by creating an inflated market for crude through their efforts to control large quantities of the liquid asset. Between the two, this country is quickly descending into a period of darkness such as it has never seen.

    Oil shortages? Not really, unless you listen to people who stand to profit by "perceived shortages" and other events which can be slanted to give the illusion of crisis. They say we do not have enough oil, and the price goes up. And yet, there are problems finding places to store some of the oil we are pumping out of the ground. Someone mentioned idle pumps, it is because of a lack of storage capacity, not dry wells.

    Refinery capacity? We are currently running at 85% of capacity in our refineries, not 100%. A few new refineries would ensure future capacity, but we are not at a stage where we cannot live without new refineries. What we need are tank farms to store the crud in.

    They have us by the gonads, and no one in a position to fix the problem has the guts to take them to task for what they are doing. The media allow them to blatantly lie (BTW, "Net Profits" is not how much you make before paying the bills, that is called "Gross Profits") and some "conservative" folks tell us how taxes on the oil companies would hurt the little man.

    If you believe that, come on down to St Bernard Parish. I have some land for sale. High ground, guaranteed never to flood!

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    Re: Terrorism at home

    Stop buying gas! They are in business to give you what you want and make a profit. Since you keep buying gas they somehow think that you want it. Show them that you dont want it GO ELECTRIC. Educate yourself. You can turn any decent car into all electric for about $4000-$6000 do some research and stop pointing fingers.

    We always want the cheapest alternative and that is why the whole population is on gas. Guess what? It is not cheapest anymore!




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