Argentina??? global takeover stuff...
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    Argentina??? global takeover stuff...

    I found this over in TOD...

    There's actually a bunch more to it... as in, what originated the post, and responses to it.


    Posted by... memmel on June 24, 2008

    Yes I think the invasion of Afghanistan was multiple reasons not just one. Not only to put troops on the Iranian border and near the Stans but also to act as a staging ground for the take over of Pakistan when needed.

    I'm assuming that with quick action most of the nuclear weapons can be contained although if a few slip out say to Iran I'm pretty sure no one will shed a tear.
    We would only need a rumor of this happening to expand the war into Iran and later the stans. Given the population and economy of Pakistan a collapse at some point in the future with even tight world oil supplies was pretty reasonable and its obvious that the expectation was oil would be a valuable resource.

    So with Pakistan depending on how things go we could well see the US instigate a fall of the regime if the Iranian attack is delayed. Think of it as the plan B for control of the worlds oil resources. You can see how rumors of proliferation of nuclear weapons from Pakistan can help initiate control of the Stans and Iran.

    Despite my dislike of the current Administration its position the US perfectly to execute a plan to control most of the worlds oil supplies and leave Russia looking at war across all its borders and nuclear strikes. Russia is already effectively checkmated in the coming resource wars. It cannot survive a multi-front war and I'm sure it knows this. The US is effectively set up already to cut Moscow off from Siberia. Only Iran stands in the way of world domination.

    I don't expect the actual collapse to happen without external influence simply because all of these nations represent staging grounds for taking over a lot of the worlds resources even Bangladesh which puts US troops on the ground on China's southern flank and positions them to take over Burma and thence most of South East Asia.

    The Vietnam war was in my opinion fought to establish a large US military presences in south east Asia in anticipation of a eventual conflict with China hopefully after they have fought a war with Russia over Siberia.

    I did not go into it but this is why I added Argentina to the list it seems to be the prime collapse candidate for take over of South America. I could well be wrong but the US will need to collapse one of the South American countries to initiate take over eventually of Brazil and Venezuela. Mexico provides the northern route.

    In any case plans for a eventual third world war centered on resources seems to have been formulated long ago possible in the closing days of WWII. Its evolved over time certainly but given that once I started thinking of how I'd position to fight and win a resource war and given that the historical moves of the US match up pretty much perfectly ( given defeats and wins ) with what one would have to do to fight and win the third world war I can't believe I'm the only one that worked all this out.

    Also the use of troops to stabilize collapsing countries explains how the US will be able to revive the draft. It won't be done for outright aggression but to support police/humanitarian actions.

    I'm impressed with whoever in the military figured all this out they are some incredible strategists. Despite problems with execution and above ground factors the US has some incredible and chilling strategic military goals that seem to have remained consistent and focused since WWII. This is literally across generations of military planners.

    Although many people claim that most militaries focus on fighting the last war it seems the US has always been focused on WWIII I guess this was driven by the cold war.

    I am a pathological liar and a functional illiterate.



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