Which Grid Pattern would the seasoned water hunter use and why?
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Thread: Which Grid Pattern would the seasoned water hunter use and why?

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    Which Grid Pattern would the seasoned water hunter use and why?

    Please add your comments. I had a hard time at this location, getting lots of tabs and light junk, I didn't have a lot of room between wall and entry of water and had only a day left. I wish I would have thought strategy better because I left without the goods.

    Also, what are your back up plans for something catastrophic like a stolen detector/broken detector? Has anyone every had a detector mailed to them to a hotel to arrive in a few days so they can pick back up after a few days break and not lose the whole metal detecting vacation? I mainly travel to Mexico or Colombia to detect.

    thanks for your time!
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    If you're looking to find a lost item and need a tight overlapping grid, I use pattern one, because I can see my grid marks up on the slope so I can keep on track better. On occasion, I'll use pattern two if I need to get into deeper water at a low tide that is starting to come in. It's just hard to keep a decent grid going as you have no markers to keep you lined up. I also like pattern one at an unknown beach. I run that pattern from sea wall to surf to see if there are any hot spots. Then I go parallel to the water to keep in the "treasure trough" . If all you're finding is light stuff, the beach is probably sanded in, or, it's been hammered by the locals. When I travel, I bring a backup machine, extra accessories, and repair parts.
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    Pattern one is the way I hunt. I like hunting this way because you work your way one way or the other down the beach instead of going back and forth.

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    Most folks I have seen use pattern #2. The drops offs are deep here, so there isn't a lot of choice. One day, even doing that, I saw the MD'er simply disappear. He bobbed up a couple seconds later. He stepped in an 8' or so deep hole a recent storm had removed the sand...5' from shore! As for me, I always take two detectors.

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    I use #2. Either because there will be a drop off at the waters edge, or to chase an outgoing tide. If you are hunting the dry, It doesnt matter. Lots of times I will start with #1 to see if there is a "drop line" where chairs used to be, or walkers paths. If I dont have any luck, I use #2 and range down the beach, sometime in an "S" pattern hoping for a low point where heavies are within reach.

    As for a broken detector, I just do other things like lay out, snorkel, or do touristy things. I would never have someone try to ship one of my other machines. I wouldnt trust them to pack it right, get the right chargers, or that it wouldnt get stolen in transit through a foreign country.
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